11/17 Prof. A. Fekete: The Ultimate Extinguisher of Debt

Prof. A. Fekete: The ultimate extinguisher of debt

11/17 Prof. A. Fekete: The ultimate extinguisher of debt

This is the 11th video (9 minutes long) from Professor Fekete in a series of 17 short videos.

(Here are links to the previous videos:

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Prof. Antal Fekete: The Interest – Episode 06/17

Prof. Antal Fekete: Real Bills – Episode 07/17

Prof. Antal Fekete: Self-liquidating credit – Episode 08/17

Prof. A. Fekete: The Clearinghouse of the Gold Standard – Episode 09/17

Prof. A. Fekete: The Real Cause of Unemployment – Episode 10/17)

 We’ve learnt a great deal from the Professor since first seeing him in Canberra back in 2009. And so we’ve featured much of the Professors writings, theories and interviews since then. These short videos are perhaps the most accessible we’ve seen of his work and so are highly recommended for those both new to the realm of the monetary metals, as well as those who have “been around the block”.

In this video the professor covers:

*  Why is the economy sinking into a quagmire?

*  Why we are going to have a similar situation to the 1930’s?

*  How the banks of the world are bankrupt but have not admitted to yet?

*  Why government debt cannot be continuously rolled over and will eventually come crashing down and ruin the economy?

*  How the sovereign debt crisis of the USA is the biggest threat of all?

*  What is the ultimate extinguisher of debt?

*  What is the end game and why is it coming to our shores?

*  Why gold needs to be an integral part of the system and without it is the same as a sick human body?

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