140 Years Of Monetary History In 10 Minutes


We neglected last month to post the latest video from Mike Maloney in his Hidden Secrets Of Money Series. Part 2 was on the Seven Stages Of Empire and was a great history lesson even for those of us well steeped in precious metals and sound money.

But at 30 mins not everyone will sit down to watch the whole thing and learn why we are currently in the 6th stage of the current empire. Luckily Mike’s team has just released a shortened excerpt from Part 2 for those of us time challenged. This was a viewer favorite with people saying ‘Why wasn’t I taught that in school!’

The video covers 140 years of Monetary History In Ten Minutes including:

– Are we overdue for a new monetary system?
– Is war good for an economy?
– Why did Nixon sever the link between all currencies and gold?

Here’s the Video:

But if you’d like to watch the full length version of Part 2 of Hidden Secrets Of Money then here that is too. Also well worth a watch. Beats the 6 o’clock news that’s for sure…

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