2017 Update on Gold, Silver and the War on Cash

JS Kim outlines how the war on cash has nothing to do with clamping down on criminals or corruption. He also explains how banker actions in 2016 demonstrate they have been buying physical gold and silver, while trying to scare the average global citizen from doing the same…

2017 Update on Gold, Silver and the War on Cash

By JS Kim of SmartknowledgeU. In the last issue of this newsletter, we informed you of the many hedges we assumed in November and December against our prediction of falling gold and silver prices. We unwound all of these hedges last month and maintained our long positions in gold and silver assets to start the new year, and thus far, many gold and silver assets have surged very strongly to start the new year, with many gold and silver stocks surging 15% to 20% higher since the end of last year. So is the banker raid over? Certainly the last week of 2016 and the first few days of 2017 have been very constructive in reversing a lot of the damage committed by the banker raid on gold and silver prices to end 2016, but not so much that I am yet willing to state that the bankers have finished their raid. That declaration may come with further constructive rebounds in the prices of gold and silver assets, but just not yet. In the meantime, the necessity of viewing gold and silver as the safest money one can own with no third-party risk has become rapidly more apparent around the world to anyone paying the least bit of attention, as the bankers’ war on cash and their efforts to criminalize the ownership of cash intensify. About 4-1/2 years ago, I wrote an article that revealed the purpose of the banking cartel’s incessant take downs in gold and silver prices. Now that the cartel is placing their finishing touches on the latest gold and silver price raid, it’s time to revisit that article, titled “The Criminal Banking Cartel’s End Game: 100% Digital Money.” As I explained on November 29 in my vlog,India PM Modi’s attack on cash in India had little to nothing to do with a war on corruption as Modi attempted to frame it. Instead, Modi, clearly a puppet of the Central Bankers, as he would never have been allowed to take such bold, punitive action against Indian citizens without the clear approval of the Bank for International Settlements, initiated his war against the people’s gold in India and disguised it as a war on cash and a war on corruption. Interestingly enough, the global mass media that is strictly under the control of the hands of bankers and the richest financiers, continue to label facts and truth that expose their criminality as “fake news” and continue to intensify their propaganda campaign to convince the public to accept their fake news as the truth. Recall that I began this 2012 article with the following: .


“There is no doubt that the elite have always sought to carefully manufacture news and to control the beliefs of the masses through their interests in funding education and in owning media distribution channels for centuries. There is a wealth of history that chronicles the elite’s desires to control and sway public opinion by manufacturing news versus the honorable journalism pursuit of reporting news in a fair and accurate manner.” The fact that I predicted the global banking cartel would amplify their war against cash 4 ½ years ago was not prescient by any means, as even a cursory study of mass media headlines would have revealed the development of the banker war against cash that is playing out today. Recall that in that article, I revealed Time magazine’s ridiculous headline that cash was responsible for keeping poor people in poverty, a lie diametrically opposed to the truth that the global banking system has been and still is the primary institution that has guaranteed that those dwelling in poverty stay there. How? Every year, like clockwork, Central Bankers significantly destroy the purchasing power of all savings denominated in fiat currencies all around the world. Secondly, Central Bankers have banned the real money of gold and silver from widespread global use, primarily due to the fact that it preserves purchasing power and would allow people dwelling in poverty to actually make real progress in escaping from the dastardly clutches of poverty. Notice that over time, that banker propaganda tactics have remained steady, though their message has devolved. Since they attempted 4 1/2 years ago to deliver a message that cash was responsible for creating and perpetuating poverty, but failed, they came up with an equally ludicrous and divisive plan B, to now label anyone that holds large sums of cash as a criminal. For example, bankers, through their ownership of mass media TV stations, recently ran absurd headlines that “Cash is for criminals” on a major television network,  ABC news,  in Australia. If we can step away from the absurd banker propaganda being disseminated today in the mainstream financial media, is it possible to determine what is really behind this banker-led ban on cash?  I discussed way back in 2012, when the bankers decided to devolve their war on cash from just a phase 1 propaganda war into a phase 2 action phase, the real three-fold mission of the banker war on cash. Number one, the bankers decided to wage a war on cash to “ensure that people that were on the fence about buying gold and silver [would] not purchase gold and silver”. Two, “to goad those that hold gold and silver to make a bad decision and sell their physical stores of gold and silver for fear of a gold and silver crash.” And three, to eventually seize more control over the people, and to limit their ability to criticize any restraint placed by the banking-government machine on people’s freedom, as 100% digital money makes it very easy for the banking elite, as described by the Morgans in 1915, to suppress “everything in opposition to [their] wishes”.

And we can see today, the very banking objectives I laid out 4 ½ years ago, are now unfortunately taking shape before our very eyes. In response to my revealed banker objective (1) above, we note the historically high pessimism regarding gold and silver price behavior that ended 2016 that almost definitely convinced those that were thinking of buying gold and silver at the end of 2016 to not execute their purchase plans, with the exception of people in nations in which bankers have triggered currency crises, like India and Venezuela. In response to my revealed banker objective (2) at the end of 2016, news of long-time gold and silver bulls making emotionally-driven, instead of logic-driven decisions, during this most recent banker gold and silver raid, and selling their physical gold and silver out of frustration seeped into some newspapers last year.  And finally, in response to banker objective (3), bankers radically shifted their narrative from cash being responsible for holding back the poor to a message that only criminals hold large sums of cash, in an attempt to shift everyone into 100% digital transactions. Thus, you can see that the 3 banking objectives of their only-talked about war on cash 4 ½ years ago are now being achieved today. So where is the optimism regarding future gold and silver prices to which we referred in the last issue of this newsletter? The optimism springs from the following. Bankers drove gold and silver prices lower last year while simultaneously buying significant amounts of physical gold and physical silver.  Remember, even bankers do not want anything to do with paper gold and paper silver besides selling as much as they possibly can to you, and when buying gold and silver for themselves, only buy physical gold and physical silver. This illustrates that their long-term plan is to eventually drive prices much higher than prices at the current time, as they would not have purchased such large amounts of physical PMs in 2016 unless they were planning to eventually take prices much much higher.


Four-and-a-half years ago, if you read between the lines of my article above, you would have deduced that the bankers’ executed war on cash, when it happened, would in reality, be a war against physical gold (and silver). I even specifically spelled out that the bankers’ goal of crashing gold and silver prices would be to drive people out of physical gold and silver and back into their massively devaluing paper fiat currencies. If you watched my November 29 vlog on YouTube, recall that I also specifically warned all Indian citizens over a year ago, not to follow Modi’s orders to exchange one’s physical gold for heavily devaluing bank-issued paper, as Modi’s nationalistic plea to Indian citizens to turn their physical gold over to the bankers was really a disguised war against gold.

However, for those that are intelligent enough to change their fiat currency savings into physical gold and physical silver, a banker war against physical gold and physical silver clearly indicates that bankers do not want large percentages of the global population holding large amounts of physical gold and physical silver. If the bankers are opposed to the population holding large amounts of physical gold and silver, then one can interpret this opposition to mean that it is in our best personal interests to do so. Basically, if bankers our opposed to our possession of a monetary item then it is good, and if bankers are keen on convincing us to own a monetary item (i.e. digital currencies), then it is financially bad for us.


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The Next Countries That Banker War on Cash Will Escalate in 2017

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Best wishes,

JS Kim

Managing Director




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