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This Week:

  • Silver in Lift Off?
  • 5 Reasons to Buy Silver Right Now
  • Gold and Silver Miners Outperforming
  • Fed Meetings Discussing Euro Bailout?
  • How to Profit as the New Gold Standard Takes Hold



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Prices and Charts

Spot Price Today / oz Weekly Change ($) Weekly Change (%)
NZD Gold $1799.71 + $4.09 + 0.22%
USD Gold $1242.70 + $19.70 + 1.61%
NZD Silver $23.54 + $1.38 + 6.22%
USD Silver $16.25 + $1.16 + 7.68%
NZD/USD 0.6905 + 0.0094 + 1.38%

Silver in Lift Off?

This week silver has spiked up massively. Even with a stronger Kiwi Dollar we have still seen over a 6% rise just since a week ago! 

That’s silver for you though. Falls more than gold but rises more too in the good times.
In US Dollar terms it has not been this high since June last year. While in NZ dollars you can see in the top half of the chart below it is again getting close to the highs from earlier this year.

NZD Gold Chart

Gold has comparatively been asleep this week. In NZ Dollars it is just up a few dollars from last week, but looks to be consolidating above NZ$1800.

NZD Silver Chart

As we noted last week there was a large short position in gold futures held by the commercial traders who usually get it right. But perhaps this time they aren’t going to? Gold does seem to be consolidating which we noted last week would be a surprise to many:

“So we’re watching closely and just putting a lazy bet that perhaps we see an ongoing consolidation which is not what most people probably expect.”


Sharp Fall in the Gold:Silver Ratio

The big jump in silver has had a real impact on the gold silver ratio too. It’s still too early to say that this is a change in trend to silver outperforming gold. But it has moved down from recent highs above 80. We’d need to see it drop down to below 75 around 70 to say that the trend had changed. But that is not far off now.

Gold Silver ratio Chart

As already mentioned the Kiwi dollar was up this week, by almost a cent in fact. It is now very close to the highs of late March just under 0.70. But that will be tough resistance to overcome. It is also getting overbought on the RSI indicator. On top of this it is touching on the upper bollinger band. Which it doesn’t usually get too far outside of historically.

That said it does appear that the NZ Dollar has switched into a slight uptrend this year.

So our guess remains that we will still see gains in precious metals for NZ holders this year. But they just won’t be as large as those in US Dollar gold and silver.

NZ Dollar Chart

Gold and Silver Miners Outperforming

With gold and silver rising, their accompanying gold and silver mining stocks are leading the way even higher. The various mining stock indexes hit 1 year highs this week, even while gold had still not gotten back to its highs from earlier in the year.

You can see in the chart below how much mining shares have risen versus gold since their extreme lows at the start of the year. But even so they are not yet much above their lows versus gold in 2000!

HUI Gold Miners to Gold

So we’ve got a couple of articles on the website this week covering gold mining stocks.

How to Find Gold StocksHow to Find Small Gold Stocks That Can Go up 1,000%
Here’s how to find the gold stocks with massive upside potential…

Our Key Advice on Buying Gold Stocks

And in Part 2, here’s how to maximise your gains in what is a very volatile sector…

5 Reasons to Buy Silver Right Now

We’ve read a few articles talking about the high demand for gold and silver coins of late.

However the fact that 1) premiums on the likes of Silver Maple Leafs are back down to more normal levels, and 2) delivery times are as fast as ever, says that demand can’t be that high globally at the moment.

So those 2 reasons might make now a pretty good time to buy silver in particular.

There’s another few we can think of too:

3) The Gold:Silver ratio is still not much below recent record highs above high.

4) Silver in NZ Dollars is still only up about 15% off its lows.

5) And finally silver has lots of upside being a long way from it’s 2011 highs.

Long Term NZD Silver Chart

2016 Silver Maple Leaf Coins Price Drop

As mentioned premiums on the likes of 2016 Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maples have fallen back to more normal levels.

This week they are down further. So a “monster box” of 500 maple leaf coins is now around $100 cheaper than what they would have been a week ago (if the spot price of silver was the same today as then).

Todays price is $14,105 and delivery is now about 7-10 business days.


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How to Profit as the New Gold Standard Takes Hold

New Gold StandardWe’ll keep it pretty short today as we have plenty of articles on the website this week for you. Be sure to check out this one:

How to Profit as the New Gold Standard Takes Hold

It is from the “Ripley’s, Believe it or not” camp, with an anarcho-capitalist giving advice to a basket case African government. Who’d have believed that?

Fed Meetings Discussing Euro Bailout?

You may have heard of the unscheduled meetings at the Federal Reserve this week and between Obama, Biden  and Yellen. We have a video and our own write up of it on the website this week.

April Emergency Fed Meeting & Stock Market Top

There is plenty of chatter about (in the alternative media at least – the mainstream just reports the press release from the White House) mulling over what might have been discussed. It almost certainly was about more than the official line:

“They discussed both the near and long-term growth outlook, the state of the labor market, inequality, and potential risks to the economy, both in the United States and globally. They also discussed the significant progress that has been made through the continued implementation of Wall Street Reform to strengthen our financial system and protect consumers.”

Zerohedge said, “here is our modest attempt at translating what was and what was not said: no market crashes allowed until November.” Which is of course the US elections.

The Daily Bell pondered whether the discussions might have included the Fed buying more non performing assets of Deutsche Bank?

They mentioned how as recently as March Deutsche Bank were in talks with “JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc. to sell the last batches of about 1 trillion euros ($1.1 trillion) in complex financial instruments”.

You might think the Fed should have nothing to do with the solvency of a large German bank right? 

However in 2008 the Fed extended trillions in loans and swaps to banks all over the world (including the Reserve Bank here in NZ getting $9 Billion. See this video for more on that).

The Daily Bell wonders:

“And so, perhaps, it is possible that the Fed will ensure, or help ensure, the solvency of Deutsche Bank. And this of course brings up a larger question – which is whether the Fed is now to do the same sort of thing in Italy, Greece, Ireland and elsewhere where banks are facing critical shortfalls.

The creation of the euro concentrated money printing power in one place – the European Central Bank. And the problem that has resulted is that the ECB cannot and will not print enough money to debase local currencies.

Ordinarily, countries facing overwhelming sovereign and bank debt would be printing overtime. Currencies would be debased and price inflation would be significant. But the additional money would ameliorate sovereign and bank debt.

The difficulties faced by Europe in the current environment have been seen as intractable. But what if a decision has been taken that the Fed will step in for the ECB? The ECB cannot print the necessary money but the Fed is both less scrutinized and more powerful than the ECB.

Was this what was discussed by Obama, Biden and Yellen? Is it the reason, among others, that International Monetary Fund and World Bank Officials are filing through the White House this week? Has it been decided that because the ECB cannot provide the appropriate liquidity for Europe that the US Fed will do so instead?

…If the Fed is being used this way, then it is the US taxpayer ultimately, who will pay for the Fed’s generosity. The cost, extracted via price inflation, would certainly run into the hundreds or [sic] billions and even trillions.

It will take a lot of money printing to sustain Europe’s banks, and it’s probably not possible anyway. But surely at this point in time anything and everything will be tried to support European banking and sovereign solvency – at least until US elections are done. This would seem to call for additional monetary aggressiveness by the Fed.

For this reason, among others, we’ve written about US stagflation, the idea that (absent a full-on market collapse) price inflation and joblessness – lack of US growth – will  be a predominant economic element going forward.

Conclusion: Those who accept that this environment looks a good deal like the 1970s, will do what is necessary to protect their portfolios and their families by holding onto tangible assets including precious metals. The Fed is in the money printing business and the demands for its services are likely increasing all the time.”


Seems likely there are some back room dealings going on at the elite level. At some point these won’t remain in the back room any longer and will be visible for all to see. Make sure you are prepared before then. 

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