5 Reasons Why Australia Is Facing Economic CRISIS & COLLAPSE!

5 Reasons Why Australia Is Facing Economic CRISIS & COLLAPSE!

5 Reasons Why Australia Is Facing Economic CRISIS & COLLAPSE!

“Australia is just another domino which is set to fall in this global game of control. Central banks are engaging in MASS MANIPULATION of the stock market and of their individual currencies. Meanwhile, citizens are finding themselves in MAXIMUM levels of debt which they can’t pay back because of the unemployment levels, highly dependant on the welfare system.

Sadly, Australia will face the same fate as all of the other countries simply because they are being forced into the same policies as most other nations.”

In this video, which is just 12 minutes, it long looks at 5 reasons why Australia is about to face an economic crisis including:

* How Australia is replicating the same policies as the Federal Reserve and most other central banks around the world in the form of money printing and buying up useless debt instruments.

* What is a “bail-in” and when do they expect it to hit Australian banks? [Note: The infrastructure for this already exists here in New Zealand. See this post for more: RBNZ Bank “Bail In” Scheme for Bank Failures: The Open Bank Resolution (OBR)]

* What percentage of Australians live below the poverty line and how more and more broke retirees are moving into caravan parks?

* Why Australia (and to a degree NZ) are near the top of the list amongst countries in the world with increasingly low paying jobs.

* Why Australia is paying a high price for their reliance on exports.

* How the government is producing fake CPI numbers.

* What is forcing up the housing market?

Some interesting points made in this video, many of which we have some close similarities with here in New Zealand so is worth some consideration.

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