If you like a good conspiracy theory, this ones got plenty.  From Yamashita’s gold (a.k.a. China’s stolen gold), to 911 cover-up, to the assassination of Bankers who knew too much. We’ve read about Chinas stolen gold before but not in connection to 911 (which we’ve also read about in the past and been left wondering about many unanswered questions). Darryl Schoon has a colourful past that has led him into contact with a wide array of characters.  In this article he outlines his beliefs as to who was behind 911 and why, along with the connection gold has to this…

(Excerpt from Light In A Dark Place, 2nd ed. 2012)

With the rise of central banking, gold as money began a three century decline. Gold as power, however, continued on as usual.

 In 1971, when the US cut the ties between money and gold, gold as money ceased to exist. Gold as power, however, continued. But because gold is power there is little real information on the connection between the two; and that information is often misleading as the powerful prefer secrecy and the true movements of gold are no exception.

I would like to share some information I discovered about the world of gold and power that will shed light on some very critical issues; and, because of power’s purposefully hidden path, the truth here can only be approached obliquely.

What I offer is a name. The name is Bruce Rappaport. Twenty-five years ago, in extenuating circumstances I had met Howard Hughes’ private banker, Dr. Norman Bernard Thirion. Prior to working for Hughes, Dr. Thirion had worked for Daniel K. Ludwig, a man even wealthier and more secretive than Hughes.

Because of the unique circumstances under which we met, Thirion told me about events he had told few others, events that led to, among others, the name of Bruce Rappaport. The events centered on the embezzlement by the Reagan White House of funds Thirion had solicited from the Saudi royal family.

The funds, $500 million, intended to aid the Afghan freedom fighters never reached them. Instead they were later discovered in a secret CIA Swiss bank account co-mingled with proceeds from the Iran-Contra arms scandal, another illegal Reagan operation. The bank account was controlled by an Israeli-Swiss banker, Bruce Rappaport, later connected to the events surrounding 9/11.

It was because of what Howard Hughes’ private banker told me in 1987 that I recognized Rappaport’s name when it came to my attention last year in 2011, this time in connection with 9/11 and events far from Norman Thirion and the Reagan White House; events that will reveal the continuing connection between gold, money and power.


The name of Bruce Rappaport brings together events, nations and individuals tangled in interlocking webs of deceit and deception. The covert life of Bruce Rappaport is similar to a USB hub that connects crime, power, politics and money; and it was Rappaport’s relationship with William Casey—Nixon’s Chairman of the SEC, Reagan‘s Director of the CIA and Rappaport’s golfing buddy—that gave Rappaport his lubed entry into the international sewers of power and money.

On August 22, 1999, an article in the New York Times, Russian Money-Laundering Investigation finds a Familiar Swiss Banker in the Middle, focused on Russian money-laundering being carried out at Rappaport’s bank, the Bank of New York. http://www.nytimes.com/1999/08/22/world/russian-money-laundering-investigation-finds-familiar-swiss-banker-middle.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm

The New York Times’ article on Bruce Rappaport, i.e. the ‘familiar Swiss banker’, and his bank, the Bank of New York, did not, however, mention Rappaport’s close ties to Israel, the Reagan administration and to US intelligence.

Regarding these omissions by the New York Times, Robert Parry wrote: …the article sketched Rappaport’s biography from his birth in Haifa, now part of Israel, through his founding of Inter-Maritime Bank in Geneva to his acquisition of the Bank of New York

But left out was an important piece of the mystery: Rappaport’s close relationship to Israel’s Labor Party, the Reagan administration and U.S. intelligence… Rappaport had been linked to some of the Reagan administration’s most controversial actions…These included: the Iran-contra affair; an Israeli bribery case that involved a U.S.-backed oil pipeline in Iraq; the scandal over the Bank of Credit and Commerce International; a curious shipment of weapons through a melon farm in Antigua to Colombian cocaine kingpins; and the October Surprise mystery, the allegations that the 1980 Reagan campaign sabotaged Carter’s negotiations to free 52 American hostages held in Iran.


On September 24, 2011, the name, Bruce Rappaport, was mentioned on the website Veterans Today. Bruce Rappaport and Lee Wanta, a former US intelligence operative, who, like Rappaport, was involved with Reagan’s illegal Iran-contra activities, had also been active in US covert efforts to destabilize the Russian economy.

Wanta’s story along with Bruce Rappaport’s offers a telling glimpse into the secretive world of power, politics, money and gold. The story in Veterans Today, titled “Classified: The Wanta Chronicles, the Covert Economic War” connects Lee Wanta and Bruce Rappaport to:

.. a vast international criminal conspiracy at the heart of the American government … [beginning] with the criminal prosecution of former Reagan intelligence coordinator, Lee Wanta…Charges allege that the 9/11 attacks were planned and executed in order to cover financial crimes.


The financial crimes and events that revolved around US efforts to destabilize the Russian ruble are myriad and complex; and include far more than the activities of Rappaport and Wanta.

They not only explain the events surrounding 9/11, they also reveal the source of funding for America’s covert activities after WWII, thousands of tons of gold stolen from China by the Japanese—and later again stolen by the US.


Professor Chalmers Johnson’s review of Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave tells of the widespread looting of China’s riches by Japanese forces before their defeat in WWII.

“Yamashita’s gold” describes the vast wealth looted from China then hidden by General Yamashita. Countless tons of gold, precious stones and stolen treasures were secretly buried by General Yamashita in the Philippines prior to Japan’s surrender. Ferdinand Marcos, later president of the Philippines, also had found “Yamashita’s gold”. (see http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/secretgoldtreaty/secret_treaty_part%202.2.htm

The Americans moved quickly to suppress any knowledge of this vast hoard of gold; and, rather than returning it to its rightful owners, Chalmers Johnson writes, … it was decided at the highest levels, presumably by Truman, to keep these discoveries secret and to funnel the money into various off-the-books slush funds to finance the clandestine activities of the CIA.


Among these clandestine activities was the destabilization of Russia’s ruble in which Rappaport and Wanta were involved, in which $240 billion of 10-year securities were issued on September 10, 1991 to buy up Russia’s industrial base; and it was to destroy evidence of these covert securities and their source that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked on September 11, 2001.

According to Veterans Today, the primary targets on 9/11 in the World Trade Center were Cantor Fitzgerald and Eurobrokers, major dealers in US securities. The primary target at the Pentagon was the Office of Naval Intelligence which had been investigating the covert securities.

41% of the fatalities in the Twin Towers came from two companies that managed U.S. government securities: Cantor Fitzgerald and Eurobrokers. 31% of the 125 fatalities in the Pentagon were from the Naval Command Center that housed the Office of Naval Intelligence.

… The covert securities, used to accomplish the original national security objective had ended up in the vaults of the brokers in the World Trade Center,[and] were destroyed on September 11, 2001, the day before they came due for settlement and clearing. [bold, mine] http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/09/24/classified-the-wanta-chronicles-the-covert-economic-war/


The Veterans Today article notes: The federal agency mostly involved in investigating those transactions was the Office of Naval Intelligence. On September 11 those same three organizations: the two largest government securities brokers and the Office of Naval Intelligence in the US took near direct hits.

What happened inside the buildings of the World Trade on September 11 is difficult, but not impossible to discern. The government has put a seal on the testimony gathered by the investigating 911 Commission, and instructed government employees to not speak on the matter or suffer severe penalties, but there are a number of personal testimonies posted on the internet as to what happened in those buildings that day.

Careful reconstruction from those testimonies indicates the deliberate destruction of evidence not only by a targeted assault on the buildings, but also by targeted fires and explosions. In the event that either the hijacking failed, or the buildings were not brought down, the evidence would be destroyed by fires.

Even more revealing would be the actions of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Securities and Exchange Commission on that day, and in the immediate aftermath. As one of many coincidences on September 11, the Federal Reserve Bank was operating its information system from its remote back-up site rather than its downtown headquarters.

The SEC and Federal Reserve system remained unfazed by the attack on September 11. All of their systems continued to operate. The two major security trading firms had their trade data backed up on remote systems.

Nevertheless, the Commission for the first time invoked its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k) and issued several orders to ease certain regulatory restrictions temporarily.

On the first day of the crisis, the SEC lifted “Rule 15c3-3 -Customer Protection–Reserves and Custody of Securities,” which set trading rules for certain processes. Simply [the] GSCC [Government Securities Clearing Corporation] was allowed to substitute securities for the physical securities destroyed during the attack.

Subsequent to that ruling, the GSCC issued another memo expanding blind broker settlements. A “blind broker” is a mechanism for inter-dealer transactions that maintains the anonymity of both parties to the trade. The broker serves as the agent to the principals’ transactions.

Thus the Federal Reserve and its GSCC had created a settlement environment totally void of controls and reporting – where it could substitute valid, new government securities for the mature, illegal securities, and not have to record where the bad securities came from, or where the new securities went – all because the paper for the primary brokers for US securities had been eliminated.

This act, alone, however was inadequate to resolve the problem, because the Federal Reserve did not have enough “takers” of the new 10 year notes. Rather than simply having to match buy and sell orders, which was the essence of resolving the “fail” problem [fails occur when securities are not delivered and paid for on the date scheduled by the buyer and seller], it appears the Fed was doing more than just matching and balancing – it was pushing new notes on the market with a special auction.

If the Federal Reserve had to cover up the clearance of $240 Billion in covert securities, they could not let the volume of capital shrink by that much in the time of a monetary crisis.

They would have had to push excess liquidity into the market, and then phase it out for a soft landing, which is exactly what appears to have happened. In about two months, the money supply was back to where it was prior to 9/11.

It was the rapid rotation of the securities settlement fails in the aftermath of September 11th that appears to have allowedthe Bank of New York and the Federal Reserve to engage in a securities refinancing that resulted in the American taxpayer refinancing the $240 billion originally used for the Great Ruble Scam.

The reports published by the Federal Reserve argue that the Federal Reserve’s actions increasing the monetary supply by over $300 billion were justified to overcome operational difficulties in the financial sector.

What appears to be the case is that the Federal Reserve imbalances reported on three consecutive days in the aftermath were largely concentrated at the Bank of New York, which is reported to represent over 90% of the imbalance, suggesting the Bank had been the recipient of massive fund transfers, and unable to send out transfers. This supposedly was due to major communication and system failures. In fact, none of the Bank of New York’s systems failed or went non-operational.

The Bank of New York’s suspicious actions after 9/11 were noted by The Wall Street Journal:  “There is every reason to believe activities in the Bank of New York in the aftermath of September 11th are worthy of suspicion….. At one point during the week after September 11, the Bank of New York publicly reported to be overdue on $100 billion in payments.”


It is not a coincidence that the bank in question, the Bank of New York, was owned by Bruce Rappaport; the ‘familiar Swiss banker’ in whose secret Swiss bank account the Iran-Contra proceeds were deposited along with the $500 million Saudi-Afghanistan fund skimmed by the Reagan White House.

The article in Veterans Today concludes: …It suggests that certain key unknown figures in the Federal Reserve may have been in collusion with key unknown figures at the Bank of New York to create a situation where $240 billion in off balance sheet securities created in 1991 as part of an official covert operation to overthrow the Soviet Union, could be cleared without publicly acknowledging their existence. [bold, mine]

Bruce Rapport’s Bank of New York along the Federal Reserve was at the very epicenter of the events behind 9/11. Once again, gold, money and power were at stake and the bankers provided sufficient cover for the guilty to make sure no one knew what had happened; and no one did—at least not until the document that explained 9/11, Collateral Damage, appeared on the web.


The source material for the allegations in Veterans Today is a remarkable 58-page document, Collateral Damage, US Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 attributed to “EP Heidner”.

Heidner’s document is a covert Rosetta Stone, shedding light on the hidden world of power and intrigue; where death and destruction are considered collateral damage. See http://www.scribd.com/doc/9442970/Collateral-Damage-US-Covert-Operations-and-the-Terrorist-Attacks-on-September-11-200128062008

Collateral Damage not only confirms the role of gold as power, it reveals the pivotal role of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold mining company, in the laundering of China’s stolen gold.

US Intelligence operations had been siphoning off the gold [China’s stolen gold] for three decades. However in 1986 Vice President George Bush took over the gold from Marcos and the gold was removed to a series of banks, notably Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, UBS and Banker’s Trust, and held in a depository in Kloten, Switzerland.

In 1992, George Bush served on the Advisory Board of Barrick Gold. The Barrick operation would create billions of dollars of paper gold by creating ‘gold derivatives’ …[and] would become an investment for nearly every gold bullion bank associated with the Marcos gold recovery [China’s stolen gold]. These banks would loan gold to Barrick, which would then sell the borrowed gold as derivatives, with the promise of replacing the borrowed gold with their gold mining operation.

Barrick, which has no mining operations in Europe, used two refineries in Switzerland: MKS Finance S.A. and Argor-Heraeus S.A. – both on the Italian border near Milan, a few hours away from the gold depository in Zurich…The question that Barrick and other banks needed to avoid answering is: what gold was Barrick refining in Switzerland, as they have no mines in that region?

Barrick would become a quiet gold-producing partner for a number of major banks, and its activities became subject to an FBI investigation into gold-price-fixing. The records on this investigation were kept in the FBI office on the 23rd floor of the North Tower which was destroyed by bomb blasts shortly before the Tower collapsed.

p. 11, Collateral Damage: US Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001, EP Heidner (2008)


Heidner’s full 58-page report explaining the motives behind 9/11 can be downloaded at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/9442970/Collateral-Damage-US-Covert-Operations-and-the-Terrorist-Attacks-on-September-11-200128062008

Collateral Damage contains information that the media ignored, buried or denied. Today, societal control in America is maintained through the media. In the media, the American public—the unknowing, unwitting and gullible—read lies, half-lies and half-truths believing them to be fact. But to find the truth, especially where power’s concerned, it’s necessary to look hard, deep and elsewhere.

Deep Black Lies, http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/deepblacklies_new.htm, the website of former UK banker, David Guyatt is such a place where one can find the dark truths that belie the claims of legitimate power proffered on behalf of those who rule.

Guyatt delves deeply into the dark machinations of power surrounding gold, money and power; and like Heidner’s Collateral Damage, Guyatt’s website, Deep Black Lies, provides answers to questions the powerful would wish to remain unasked and unanswered.

The story of Howard Hughes’ banker, Dr. Norman Bernard Thirion, is an example of such. It involved the Reagan White House embezzlement of funds solicited for the Afghanistan muhajadin, funds later discovered in a secret CIA-Swiss bank account controlled by an Israeli-Swiss banker, Bruce Rappaport, owner of the Bank of New York later involved in the financial machinations surrounding 9/11.

According to Thirion, representatives of Transglobal Productions, ostensibly a New York movie production company, approached Thirion in 1983 to solicit funds from the Saudi royal family to support the Afghan resistance movement.

The chairman of the alleged movie production company was General Robert E. Cushman ret., former Commandant of the US Marine Corp, former Deputy Director of the CIA and a member of the Reagan White House inner circle.

Why was a former Commandant of the US Marines Corps approaching a private banker to solicit funds for the Afghan resistance? And why was Cushman, the former Deputy Director of the CIA, using the cover of a New York movie production company to do so?

The story, told to me by Thirion, explains the covert front behind which members of the Reagan White House solicited, then embezzled, millions of dollars meant for the muhajadin; believing that as private citizens using a private company and a private banker to approach the Saudis, they could legally divert money from public funds where as public servants they could not.

Because of his close ties to the Saudi royal family, Norman Thirion successfully raised the $500 million, but none of the money was to reach the Afghan resistance and Thirion himself was to be cut out of the deal after he strongly objected to General Cushman’s proposal to buy captured Soviet arms with Saudi money from Israel.

When Thirion later told the Saudis what had happened, that General Cushman through Transglobal board member, Rabbi Morton Rosenthal, had bought Soviet arms from Israel captured after the Six-Day War using Saudi money and then resold them at a profit to the Afghan resistance—Thirion said the Reagan White House moved swiftly against him.

Thirion was arrested in Switzerland one year later on trumped-up charges of receiving illegal loan fees, then extradited to the US where he was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison.

Thirion was convinced the Reagan White House was responsible for his arrest and imprisonment and immediately filed an appeal. When his appeal was denied, Thirion put his story in the hands of a third party and threatened to release the information unless the Reagan White House released him; and while Thirion’s bid for freedom failed, I was ‘the third party’ to whom Thirion had entrusted his story for safekeeping.

I now had the details about covert corruption at the highest levels in the US government. I soon discovered, however, that the media had no interest in a story involving the White House, the CIA, Afghanistan, the Saudis and the embezzlement of millions of dollars by Reagan insiders. The media was interested in protecting power, not questioning it.

Nonetheless, during the years that followed I couldn’t forget what Thirion had told me and in 2004, I became curious about one of the participants, Dr. Nake Kamrany, a professor at the University of Southern California. Thirion had been introduced to Dr. Kamrany in 1983 as a means of contacting the former King of Afghanistan, Zahir Shah, then living in exile in Paris, under whose auspices the funds were to be raised.

Thirion believed Professor Kamrany was a ‘true Afghan patriot’ and did not believe Kamrany knew about the White House use of the Afghan cause to embezzle funds meant for the muhajadin.

In June, 2004 I contacted Professor Kamrany to find out what he knew about Thirion’s story. Kamrany confirmed he knew Norman Thirion and had heard rumors about a ‘private venture’ but strongly denied any knowledge of a White House skim.

Professor Kamrany then asked why I was inquiring about events that had happened so long ago. When I told him I was doing research for a book, Kamrany unexpectedly asked me if I knew anyone in the movie business.

Kamrany’s question would lead to us meeting in person. His son, a USC film school graduate, was looking to enter the film industry, and Rawson Marshall Thurber, the son of my close friend from law school, Marshall Thurber, had recently written and directed a soon-to-be mega-million-dollar hit movie, Dodgeball.

Marshall had arranged for a private pre-premiere showing in Los Angeles and Martha and I were flying in for the event. Marshall extended our invitation to include Professor Kamrany’s party and, after the movie, Professor Kamrany confirmed some of what I had been told two decades before by Norman Thirion.

Kamrany said he had seen Russian weapons in Afghanistan used by the muhajadin and wondered how they had come by them. These were the weapons responsible for General Cushman cutting Thirion out of the deal and, ultimately, for Thirion ending up in a US prison where those in power hoped his story about Republican corruption in the White House would be buried forever along with him.

The story wasn’t buried, at least not forever. I now had it; but like all stories that implicate the powerful, the media didn’t want to tell it.


In 2005, Marshall Thurber created the Positive Deviant Network, the PDN, an experiment that would bring ‘positive-deviants’ together in a networks; and Marshall asked us—Martha, my wife, and I—to join. See www.posdev.net

In 2006, Martha and I gave the PDN a book I had written but had not published, Light in a Dark Place. We then published it and presented it to the PDN. The book was filled with stories, commentaries, poetry and spiritual observations written during my 10-year federal prison sentence on drug-related charges. Norman Thirion’s story was in the book as were the circumstances under which our unlikely paths had crossed in 1987.

If no one else would tell Norman’s story, I would. However, we did not promote Light in a Dark Place because a book I had never planned to write but did intervened. That year I wrote How to Survive the Crisis and Prosper in the Process, a book about the coming economic crisis.

In March 2007, I presented that book to the PDN predicting a severe economic crisis was about to happen; and within months, my predictions began to come true, I began writing on economic issues and How to Survive the Crisis and Prosper in the Process was ordered by readers in 25 countries.

My emergence as a writer on issues of money, banking and economics delayed my intent to reveal the story Thirion had told me; but there is another far more fundamental reason Norman Thirion’s story hasn’t been told in the media.

The real truth is Americans don’t want to know the truth. Most Americans deny the truth to feel better about their country and what’s been done in their name.

Today, after the contrived emergency of 9/11 and the repeated disillusionments in its wake, perhaps Americans are now willing to consider that those who lead our nation, those entrusted with sending Americans into battle and making decisions that will affect the nation for generations to come have not been concerned about what’s best for America—as they have led us to believe—but, instead, as Norman Thirion’s story shows, they’ve been concerned with what’s best for themselves.


The victims of 9/11 are considered collateral damage by those who pursue gold, money and power to no other end. Howard Hughes’ banker, Norman Thirion, was fortunate to have escaped with his life when he crossed the powerful elites who controlled the Reagan White House.

Other bankers, e.g. Roberto Calvi, Michele Sindona and Edmund Safra, were not so lucky. Roberto Calvi, former chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, was hung by the neck beneath Blackfriar’s Bridge in London in 1982. Michele Sindona, former owner of Franklin National Bank, died after drinking coffee laced with arsenic in an Italian prison in 1986; and Edmond Safra, owner of Republic National Bank, burned to death barricaded and trapped in his heavily guarded penthouse in Monaco in 1999.

Each banker knew the secrets of the powerful who ultimately determined their interests were best served with the three bankers dead. Calvi and Sindona were murdered after their banks collapsed but Safra’s death was different. Safra died with his financial empire intact—but, of the three, Safra’s death was the most curious as the prosecution’s explanation was both convoluted and unconvincing in the extreme.

The commonly-accepted—and highly improbable—version of Safra’s death can be found at Wikipedia; where Safra’s attorney alleged in court that Safra’s killer, nurse and former Green Beret, Ted Maher, .. did indeed start the fire in order [but] to gain acceptance from Mr. Safra…He did not intend to kill Mr. Safra. He just wanted Mr. Safra to appreciate him more. He loved Mr. Safra. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmond_Safra

A far more plausible explanation for Safra’s fiery demise is found at The Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP) website regarding the secretive 1001 Club of which Safra was a member.

Edmond Safra, the late head of the New York-based Republic National Bank, gave evidence to the FBI concerning the diversion [of a $4.8 billion IMF “stabilization credit” for Russian that never reached those for whom it was intended] …Geneva prosecutor Bertrand Bertossa [maintains]  Safra was murdered for giving evidence to both the FBI and Swiss prosecutors concerning the diversion of the IMF credit..the US$4.8 billion credit went from the New York Federal Reserve Bank to [Safra’s] Republic National Bank and then to various banks in Switzerland and elsewhere, but not to Russia…at the start of autumn 1999 [Russian oligarch] Boris Berezovsky visited Safra at his estate in southern France. The two men.. had a three-hour conversation in “raised voices,” after which Safra fled in a panic to his heavily fortified Monte Carlo residence [where two months later he was burned to death in his penthouse.]


One year before his death, Safra’s Republic Bank had also provided information to the FBI on Russian money-laundering activities at the Bank of New York [Bruce Rappaport’s bank]. The night Safra was killed, Safra’s Israeli-trained bodyguards were conveniently off-duty. Dead bankers don’t talk. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Maher


Edmond Safra was a member of The 1001 Club, a highly secretive organization founded by Prince Bernhard, the former president of the Bilderberg Group. The membership of The 1001 Club reads like a Who’s Who of those on whose behalf the Bilderbergers toil.


When I came across the 1001 Club’s membership list, I looked for Bruce Rappaport’s name. Though not a member, Rappaport was mentioned in relationship to 1001 Club member, Dr. Alfred Hartmann, Swiss gnome extraordinaire, former director of Rothschild banking group and former high ranking executive at the notoriously corrupt and infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce, BCCI.

Dr. Hartmann’s provenance makes Bruce Rappaport look like Mother Teresa. If Bruce Rappaport was a USB hub of covert criminality, illusory respectability and political sociopathy, Dr. Alfred Hartmann was an über-hub. David Whitby and Alan A. Block in The Organized Criminal Activities of the Bank of Credit and Commerce, BCCI, refer to Dr. Hartmann as follows:

6. [footnote] Dr. Alfred Hartmann, director of Swiss Military Intelligence, former general manager of Union Bank of Switzerland and later chairman of Hoffman LaRoche. Hartmann resigned from La Roche following a price-fixing scandal involving the European Community…Main board director Rothschild family bank holding companies and general manager Rothschild A.G. Zurich. Resigned after payments by [Rothschild A.G. Zurich] to the alleged assassins of Roberto Calvi (Banco Ambrosiano)…..director of Intermaritime Bank (Bruce Rappaport), Royal Bank of Scotland (Switzerland). Hartmann was chairman of BCCI’s audit committee (Luxembourg) but has never been investigated by the SFO (Serious Financial Office/Switzerland) or the FBI…


45. [footnote] Gold played an integral part in BCCI’s money –laundering operations. BCCI gold dealings for Colombian drug cartels were passed through BCP (Banque de Commerce et de Placement) in association with Rothschild A.G. Zurich (Dr. Albert Hartmann).


More on the activities of Dr. Hartmann is found at David Guyatt’s Deep Black Lies website:  ..Of more than passing interest in these matters is Dr. Alfred Hartmann, who had run the Banque de Commerce et de Placement (BCP), Geneva, for many years…large sums of money earned by .. market rigging activities were laundered through the BCP. Hartmann was also the Vice Chairman and General Manager of Rothschilds Bank A.G. and the vice president of the CIA connected Inter-Maritime Bank  [Bruce Rappaport’s bank]. The BCP is also said to have played a part in the Iran-Contra affair.

This cannot come as any great surprise, for Hartmann was known as a long-term CIA asset. His contact or “controller” was none other than Edwin Wilson, the CIA operative who we earlier learned specialized in gay and pedophile blackmail stings against political targets…He is also known to have specialized in creating financial “fronts” for the CIA. Dr. Hartmann, meanwhile, would later become a senior executive in BCCI, the bank that provided a full service to drug lords, gun-runners, terrorists, gangsters and the US and European intelligence community.


The information on The 1001 Club and Edmond Safra came from the Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP). ISGP also has information on the highly secretive Le Cercle, a group composed of pan-European nationalists, white racists, extreme right-wing Catholics (Opus Dei), and right-wing Americans, e.g. General Vernon Walters (suspected of involvement in the assassination  of JFK), William Colby (Director of the CIA), William Casey (Director  of the CIA, Chairman of the SEC  and Bruce Rappaport’s golfing buddy), etc. https://wikispooks.com/ISGP/organisations/Le_Cercle.htm#uscercle

For more information on Le Cercle, ISGP recommends reading Rogue Agents by David Teacher. For free download, see http://mediafire.com/?2qvkx4nvdj9zyk6.

Another member of the exclusive 1001 Club—along with Edmond Safra, Dr. Alfred Hartmann and various Rothschilds, e.g. Baron Edmund de Rothschild, Baroness Nadine de Rothschild, Edmund L. de Rothschild, Baroness Guy de Rothschild, etc.—is the founder and chairman of Barrick Gold, Peter Munk.

The ostensible purpose of The 1001 Club is to raise funds and support the World Wildlife Foundation. Whether The 1001 Club is a true service organization or the Rotary Club for the Dark Side is unknown.



The only difference between the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida and the US invasion of Iraq is scale. On February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin was no more armed and no more a threat to George Zimmerman than on March 19, 2003 Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was a threat to the United States of America.

My generation came of age during the 1960s, an era of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, fueled in no small part by LSD, the psychedelic elixir introduced to America by the CIA’s ultra-secret MKULTRA program. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKULTRA .

Personal note to the CIA for the introduction of LSD to the youth of America: Thanks!!!

Our generation’s opposition to the Vietnam War, our support of civil rights for all—including blacks and women—and our desire for peace was considered by some to be un-American.

Un-American does not describe who or what we are nor does it in any way define America. Ronald Reagan’s ronin, his errant cold-war warriors now deeply embedded in America’s power structure hijacked America, depleted its financial resources and robbed the nation of its future…and 9/11well, nowthat’s un-American.

What happened on 9/11 constitutes high treason; and if America doesn’t have the courage to demand the truth of those responsible at the point of imprisonment and death in a public forum, this once-great nation will suffer the fate of those who lack the courage to face their past in order to face their future.






Some say gold is money

Some say gold is power

Some say gold will save us

In this troubled hour


But gold is more and sometimes less

Than man would wish it be

Only man creates his fate

A truth he cannot see


Man will not be saved

By silver or by gold

But that’s a lesson man won’t learn

Even when he’s told


There’s a truth that’s in us all

More precious than pure gold

Love your neighbor as yourself

For this we have been told


The days ahead will darken soon

We’ll need to learn to share

So value gold and silver

But remember how to care


My coverage of the financial collapse and today’s historic and universal paradigm shift, Moving Through The Maelstrom with Darryl Robert Schoon, is now available without charge at www.drschoon.com.


Cry not America for the loss

Of your freedoms and dreams

Why mourn them now

You who did not notice their absence before

DRS, Light in a Dark Place, 2006, 2nd ed. 2012


Without the Light, there are no shadows



Buy gold, buy silver, have faith


Darryl Robert Schoon




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One thought on “9/11 & GOLD, MONEY AND POWER

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