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“Here’s how to Buy Gold Ingots in N.Z. for only 3% above spot price”

(plus ingot charge)

We’ve received so many questions on where to buy gold bullion in New Zealand for less than 10% above spot price.So we went to work and after scouring the country have negotiated this special price just for our subscribers

“Only 3%* above world/spot price

(*plus ingot charge)

So you’ll save up to 5.0% on what you’ll pay elsewhere. And on amounts of 10 ounces and above you’ll save even more. Plus at 3% this is actually cheaper than if you went directly to the supplier.

You can also request quotes for silver bullion as they also can supply silver in the form of 1kg silver bars.

Just enter your name and email in the form to get all the details.

You’ll then get access to the full details of the gold supplier, and how to get a quote.This will be 3%* above the current world or spot gold price (* plus ingot charge) – even if you only want a couple of ounces.You’ll also be on our list to receive our gold buyers weekly updates.

Why do we make you sign up?We only want to deal with those genuinely interested in buying.So by making it slightly difficult to get the information, only the genuinely interested will bother. So if you don’t want to learn how to buy the lowest priced gold bullion we’ve managed to find in New Zealand then don’t enter your details to the right.

Full disclosure:We do get a referral fee for anyone that buys after being referred from us – but you’re free to shop around and see if you can find a better price elsewhere, but we couldn’t.

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