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Here is where we also feature writing from others around the world. We don’t always agree with everything they have to say but we pick interesting commentary from the likes of James Rickards, Darryl Schoon, Stewart Thomson and many others.

Often giving our 2 cents worth on what they have to say too.

Latest Articles

Chris Martensons Condensed Crash Course


Chris Martenson is no wacko. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Pathology from Duke University and an MBA from Cornell, and has been Vice-President of a US Fortune 50 company. Over the last five years, he has been studying the ramifications resulting from certain disconnects in the economy that he has observed. He felt that […]

Casey Research | When Will Inflation Really Hit Us

With plenty of debate around about whether it is inflation or deflation we should worry about, the folks at Casey Research are definitely in the inflation camp.  It’s worth paying heed to what they say as they were one of the few expecting the financial crisis to arrive.  They may be USA based, but with the […]

When Money Becomes Worthless | Hyperinflation Ensues

In this article from Martin Hutchinson, he makes a very good argument for what the potential outcome of a continued flood of money into actual physical commodities, including gold, may well be… hyperinflation.  The average man on the street will likely think this scaremongering but the points he makes should be read and implications considered closely.  The […]

Professor Fekete | Why Barrick Gold has ended Gold hedging

Following on from our earlier article “Why are gold mining producers reducing their gold hedge books?” is the recent ‎announcement by the worlds biggest gold producer Barrick Gold, that it too is ‎finally unwinding its profit strangling forward gold sales contracts.‎ The following article is by Professor Antal Fekete  a ‎monetary scientist we very much […]

What If Everyone in the World Wanted a 1-ounce Gold Coin

Today we have an article care of Casey Research’s Jeff Clark.  Jeff is Senior Editor of  Casey’s Gold & Resource Report.  The Gold & Resource Report covers a portfolio of mid- to large-cap precious metals and natural resource producers , ETFs, mutual funds, and more.  Now over to Jeff on just how small the global […]

The Golden Hour Guest article courtesy of ChrisMartenson

Today we have the honour of hosting what we believe is a brilliant overview of the gold market written by Chris Martenson.  A priviledge indeed, as this article is currently only available to the paid enrolled members of, a service we highly recommend.  The article draws together a number of the news items we have highlighted […]

Hong Kong recalls its gold reserves from UK

The Hong Kong government has announced that its gold reserves will be ‎recalled from the UK where they are currently stored, and transferred to a new ‎purpose built vault under the Hong Kong Airport.   Hong Kong is also expected to become a trading hub for ‎bullion.  It’s also likely that other Central Banks in the […]

Why you shouldnt believe the Green Shoots Groupies

As we previously discussed in “Green Shoots? – Don’t believe the hype!”, U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke  coined the term “Green Shoots” back in March.  So far apart from a few wobbles everywhere you look in the mainstream media seems to support his statement worldwide.  And he backed it up again recently ‎in August […]

A Prediction on the Global Economy and the Gold Price

Today we read one of the best overall summaries of where the global economy currently sits.  Not from an economist.  Not from a Central Banker.  Not from a financial advisor. But from the Board of a slightly unusual gold company we closely follow– Seabridge Gold. Invest a few minutes of your time to read the full […]

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