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Here we feature videos on gold and silver and related topics.

We often summarise the content if you prefer not to watch the whole video. Plus give you our own views on the videos too.

Must read articles about the Gold Silver Videos

Gold Backing to Debt Ratio: A Reset Like in 1934 and 1980 Would Mean $21,000 Gold

Gold Backing to Debt Ratio: A Reset Like in 1934 and 1980 Would Mean $21,000 Gold

In this article you’ll learn about the gold backing to debt ratio. And what the gold price would need to be at today to match two previous periods of debt reset…

A Gold to Silver Ratio Video Update: Time to Favour Silver

A Gold to Silver Ratio Video Update: Time to Favour Silver

This video gives a detailed statistical analysis of the gold to silver ratio. It’s a different take to what we have written recently here: Using the Gold Silver Ratio to Time Buying Silver.

Silver Versus the World (and Exter’s Inverted Liquidity Pyramid)

Silver Versus the World (and Exter’s Inverted Liquidity Pyramid)

What is the value of all the silver in the world versus other assets? See a demonstration using a fantastic infographic. You’ll learn about Exter’s Inverted liquidity pyramid and why silver should be at the very bottom of this pyram

Presentation – Gold & Silver: Wealth Insurance with Upsid

Presentation – Gold & Silver: Wealth Insurance with Upside

See many of the reasons to buy gold and silver for protection. But also discover the potential upside that exists in these precious metals.

The Biggest Monetary Transformation Since WWII

The Biggest Monetary Transformation Since WWII

Every 30 to 40 years the world has a new monetary system. And the global dollar standard is the worst design of all these systems — yet it’s 45 years old. So it’s way overdue for its own demise. And when this one crumbles, everyone is going to feel it.

Dollar – The Greatest Pyramid Scheme Of All Tim

Dollar – The Greatest Pyramid Scheme Of All Time

Knowing your monetary history can help gain insight into where we may be heading. This video covers: The classical gold standard;  The impact of WWI and WWII; The transformation to the “Bretton Woods” standard; Nixons severing of the final link to gold of the US dollar; The current “Dollar Standard” and its inherent problems.

Latest Articles

An interview with Adam Fergusson | Author of When Money Dies

Historian Adam Fergusson discusses his cult-classic history of the Weimar hyperinflation, When Money Dies, with James Turk from the GoldMoney Foundation. When Money Dies is indeed a fascinating read as it details exactly what it was like for the “man on the street” during hyper-inflationary Germany in the 1920’s and it is highly recommended.  Available […]

Michael Maloney | We pay tax for the privilege to have currency

In this video excerpt from the Casey Summit When Money Dies, Rich Dad advisor Mike Maloney explains how currency is created, “fractional reserve banking,” and why our banking system is a pyramid scam of epic proportions.  We like how he takes great care to explain the difference between currency and money.  A distinction that unfortunately […]

Egon von Greyerz talks to James Turk

Egon von Greyerz, of Matterhorn Asset Management, and James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation, talk about the state of the global economy and gold’s status as a safe haven. They discuss S&P’s recent downgrade of US debt and also talk about the situation in the UK and in Switzerland. They discuss the Swiss franc and how […]

Brad Meltzer Decoded | Fort Knox | Is the gold still there

You may have heard or read discussions on whether Fort Knox actually contains the US Government gold it’s meant to.  Ron Paul among others has pushed for a full audit.  We’ve also published previously a great article by one of our favorite financial newsletter writers Chris Weber Where is Americas Gold – The Mystery of […]

Doug Casey Answers The Hard Questions About Hard Times

Best Doug Casey interview ever? You decide. David Galland of Casey Research had this to say recently about this video interview with Doug Casey which was conducted on September 9, 2011 by Tommy Humphreys as part of his new Speculator Series.: As you might imagine, given the prescience of his warnings ahead of the current crisis, my […]

New Pan Asia Gold Exchange | How significant is it

You may have heard of the new Pan Asia Gold Exchange (PAGE), a new Chinese based eastern rival to the western bullion banks of the COMEX and London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).  The very interesting interview below by James Turk of Ned Naylor-Leyland conducted during the recent GATA conference in London details the significance of the […]

The Economic Crisis Part II Video Interview with Bud Conrad

Here is the 2nd part of a video interview with Bud Conrad – Chief Economist of Casey Research (Here’s the first part: The Economic Crisis, Part 1: Video interview with Bud Conrad). In this video Bud discusses: The purposeful obfuscation of the US Federal Reserve structure. Precious metals Energy and in particular natural gas  

The Economic Crisis | Part I Video | Interview with Bud Conrad

We always pay close attention to what Bud Conrad the Chief Economist for Casey Research has to say.  Formerly from IBM he approaches his analysis from an engineering perspective.  Often coming to conclusions that differ from others. Also it was at a lunch with Bud here in Auckland some years ago that we, the founders […]

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