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Here we feature videos on gold and silver and related topics.

We often summarise the content if you prefer not to watch the whole video. Plus give you our own views on the videos too.

Must read articles about the Gold Silver Videos

Gold Backing to Debt Ratio: A Reset Like in 1934 and 1980 Would Mean $21,000 Gold

Gold Backing to Debt Ratio: A Reset Like in 1934 and 1980 Would Mean $21,000 Gold

In this article you’ll learn about the gold backing to debt ratio. And what the gold price would need to be at today to match two previous periods of debt reset…

A Gold to Silver Ratio Video Update: Time to Favour Silver

A Gold to Silver Ratio Video Update: Time to Favour Silver

This video gives a detailed statistical analysis of the gold to silver ratio. It’s a different take to what we have written recently here: Using the Gold Silver Ratio to Time Buying Silver.

Silver Versus the World (and Exter’s Inverted Liquidity Pyramid)

Silver Versus the World (and Exter’s Inverted Liquidity Pyramid)

What is the value of all the silver in the world versus other assets? See a demonstration using a fantastic infographic. You’ll learn about Exter’s Inverted liquidity pyramid and why silver should be at the very bottom of this pyram

Presentation – Gold & Silver: Wealth Insurance with Upsid

Presentation – Gold & Silver: Wealth Insurance with Upside

See many of the reasons to buy gold and silver for protection. But also discover the potential upside that exists in these precious metals.

The Biggest Monetary Transformation Since WWII

The Biggest Monetary Transformation Since WWII

Every 30 to 40 years the world has a new monetary system. And the global dollar standard is the worst design of all these systems — yet it’s 45 years old. So it’s way overdue for its own demise. And when this one crumbles, everyone is going to feel it.

Dollar – The Greatest Pyramid Scheme Of All Tim

Dollar – The Greatest Pyramid Scheme Of All Time

Knowing your monetary history can help gain insight into where we may be heading. This video covers: The classical gold standard;  The impact of WWI and WWII; The transformation to the “Bretton Woods” standard; Nixons severing of the final link to gold of the US dollar; The current “Dollar Standard” and its inherent problems.

Latest Articles

Fed Is Destroying Currency & Capital

Daniela Cambone of Kitco News interviews Doug Casey of Casey Research at the Total Wealth Symposium in Bermuda. Longtime Fed critic Doug Casey (correctly as it now happens) didn’t expect the U.S. central bank to raise interest rates today, and says their efforts are actually hurting the economy. They also discuss Trumps chances in the […]

“Good Guys” or “Bad Guys”: Who Wins in Coming Monetary Reset

If you’re not familiar with Bix Weir, he has some really interesting theories. In this interview with Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante he pretty much covers all of them. At some point the current monetary system is certain to change. As you no doubt know, every fiat currency in history has failed. This one will […]

SDR Bonds Sold in China – Will the Dollar Live to Die Another Day?

Last week as part of an article we discussed Jim Rickards theory as to how the changes to the global monetary system may play out. This week Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser discussed the recent issuance of IMF Special Drawing Right (SDR) bonds for the first time in 35 years sold to Chinese Investors. They […]

Dollar – The Greatest Pyramid Scheme Of All Time

We’ve written previously about the gold standard and it’s various guises over the past century and a bit. For example this article touches on the classical gold standard and our thoughts on what the “ideal” would be. While in module’s 2 and 3 of our ecourse we give a quick run through of 100 years […]

Grant Williams: The Rising Danger Of A Bidless Market

In our weekly newsletter last week we discussed why bank balance sheets and capital levels may not be the key risk to banks both in New Zealand and globally. This excellent interview with Grant Williams covers a lot of ground but this lack of liquidity is one of the key points he makes. If you prefer […]

Brexit: The Big Picture

Brexit Gold Price Reaction Mike Maloney discusses why he think the moves in global markets, currencies and also gold and silver may actually just be big over-reactions to all the fear mongering about the impact of the Brexit “leave” vote. He looks at:   Brexit: The Big Picture In this second video Maloney gives a good […]

The Brexit Conspiracy?

The Brexit Conspiracy Chris Duane in a discussion with Ken O’Keefe looks at whether the Brexit vote is simply Britain regaining it’s independence or something more sinister. They cover: Why there is no collectivist solution to collectivist problems. Who is actually behind this movement? A little background on the “independent” Nigel Farage – a banker […]

Discovering the “Road to Roota”

We’ve shared a bit of information from Bix Weir in the past. His theories are definitely out there but the world is a very strange place so who are we to say that he can’t be right? Bix Weir makes some very good arguments to back up his theory that Alan Greenspan is one of […]

Why Physical Cash Is Being Eliminated: Grant Williams

We have always enjoyed Grant Williams “Things That Make You Go Hmmm” newsletter. Always very witty and sharp. Here’s a great interview with him from the recent Mauldin SIC conference. He makes some great points about why he buys gold and what his considerations are. Such as: He doesn’t buy gold – he owns it […]

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