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Short snippets of Gold and related news

Central Banks do not want to sell their Gold

Central banks have just signed a new Central Bank Gold Sales Agreement that reduces the quota of gold bullion they can sell each year by 20%, down to 400 tonnes.  However in the last 5 years central banks gold sales had only reached about 75% of the previous agreements limit anyway. It seems that Central banks […]

UK Royal Mint Doubles Gold Output

The UK royal mint has doubled it’s gold output over the last year due to surging gold investment demand.  However gold production fell 41% in the second quarter compared to the prior quarter.  This was while global stock markets surged higher.  Could it be that everyone thinks it safe to get back in the water, hence the recent drop off in […]

Gold Bull Market Resumption in second half of 2009

Chris Puplava over at has recently published an article discussing possible strength of the gold market in the second half of 2009. We provide a link to the article here, and we summarize his arguments below, with our added comments highlighted in red. Over the last year Chris has developed two proprietary gold market […]