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Stephen Leeb | 5 Year Gold Price Target $5500

Wild Bills Weekly Wanderings 30 June 2010 This week, during our wanderings, we have pondered remarks made by the following commentators. • Mary Holm • Bob Prechter • Stephen Leeb • Texans think big • Eric King on the Bank for International Settlements • Mary Holm – Gold as Investment? In the NZ Herald on Saturday last, Mary Holm was asked […]

Compelling Reasons to Buy Silver

Wild Bills Weekly Wanderings 22 June 2010 This week, in our wanderings, we have come across the following items. • Gerald Celente looks ahead. • Ambrose embraces gold’s currency role. • The Compelling Case for Silver?   Will We See Another May 6th Flash Crash for Stocks? Watch Gerald Celente’s comments on the day that […]

Reasons to Own Gold

Wild Bill’s Weekly Wanderings 15 June 2010 This week, in our musings, we consider the following issues. •  BP undersea oil volcano? •  National Inflation Association Follow-Up. •  John Embry lays out the case for Gold. Overshadowing the US, and indeed the world at this time, is the terrible disaster unfolding in the Gulf of […]

Egon von Greyerz | Gold $5000-$10000?

This week in our musings, we report on some thoughts of others that we have found interesting (emphasis added throughout is ours…. Eric King tells it like it is… Chris Martenson opines… Egon evaluates…  $5,000 – $10,000 gold? Eric King, straight-talking as usual  (from King World News) Mainstream Media Still Against Gold June 7, 2010 […]

Felix Zulauf on Inflation vs Deflation

This week in our musings, we focus on just one interview of Felix Zulauf by Eric King (I apologize for the short article this week – I’m crook!)… • FELIX ZULAUF SPEAKS Once again, Eric King at King World News has achieved an astonishing coup, by scoring an interview with Felix Zulauf, of Barrons Round Table fame. Felix […]

Stephen Leeb | The Real Threat to Europe

This week in our musings, we have some thoughts of our own – and thoughts of others that we have found interesting…. The opening headline in this week’s NZ Sunday Star*Times Business section reads “Gold Production heads to $1b”. It seems that gold is starting to attract mainstream attention, even in New Zealand. Over the […]

Vending Machines and Price Projections

This week in our musings, we have some thoughts of our own – and thoughts of others that we have found interesting…. Looking around the economic landscape, it’s hard not to have a sense of foreboding. Despite the optimistic propaganda from our governments and financial centres, it is clear that things are not good out […]

John Williams | A Hyper-Inflationary Great depression is coming

In this Weekly Wanderings, we report on an interesting experience, consider the outlook of John Williams of ShadowStats, and present a picture of the commercial real estate debacle in the US.….. Experience of the week… In the office one day this week I was sitting across from a colleague of mine from Pakistan. Suddenly, out […]

The Smoking Gun | Proof of Manipulation in the Gold and Silver ‎Markets

Last week in our Weekly Wanderings, we brought you the story of Andy Maguire’s whistle-blowing testimony to the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). Despite the importance of this financial news, it has received virtually zero coverage by the mainstream press. However, the alternative media, via the internet and the blogosphere have covered the story in […]

How the precious metals markets are manipulated

This week in our musings, we bring you some slightly more unusual items that we have found interesting…. Central Banks Buy Gold A master bullion trader sets the CFTC straight on manipulation Treasuries Riskier Than Toilet Paper! Fed-up Mainstream journalist starts web-site Central Banks Buy Gold From the Daily Bell comes this report…. Central banks […]