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Why Buy Gold & SilverThe first step on the precious metals path is to consider the questions Why buy gold and Why buy silver? You might then consider reading about protection from a bank failure and the escalating war on cash, or even the risk of derivatives.

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Must read articles about Why to Buy Gold and Silver

Why buy gold?

Why Buy Gold?

Your reason for buying gold is the first thing to consider. This article outlines 8 reasons to buy gold today. Plus another 6 timeless reasons to buy gold.

Why Buy Silver

Why Buy Silver?

There is a lot of commonality in the reasons to buy gold and silver. But in this post you’ll discover 6 reasons you should specifically buy silver. Also learn about 3 factors that indicate silver should have more upside than gold. 

Could a Bank Failure happen in NZ

Bank Failures: Could they happen in NZ? The Reserve Bank thinks so

See how a bank failure could occur in New Zealand. Learn how the Reserve Bank of New Zealand open bank resolution will affect you and put your savings at risk. Plus how you can prepare for a bank failure in New Zealand.

Find out how Kiwisaver and bank bail ins

Kiwisaver and Bank Bail Ins: If a Bank Fails, Are Kiwisaver Funds Affected by the OBR?

Find out how Kiwisaver and bank bail ins work. See if your Kiwisaver funds would be affected if a New Zealand bank fails and customer accounts undergo a bail-in or “hair-cut”.

War on Cash: Implications for New Zealand

War on Cash: Implications for New Zealand

What are the real reasons for going cashless? What are the implications for New Zealand? See why hoarding something other than cash may be a good idea for emergencies… 

Why Buy Gold? No Fiat Currency Lasts Forever – What About the NZ Dollar?

Why Buy Gold? No Fiat Currency Lasts Forever – What About the NZ Dollar?

All fiat currencies fail, it’s just a case of how long it takes. See how the New Zealand monetary system has changed over the past century and why you should prepare for its eventual demise…

Latest Articles

Reader Question | Why is Gold More Valuable Than Worthless Paper

Whether you’re new or an old hand to the matters of gold, silver and what is money, you’ll probably have something in common with a frustrated reader who we received an email from this week.  He admitted that all the conflicting information about how the world monetary system works was “doing [his] head in!”.  Here […]

Confusing Investing with Wealth Protection – The Risks of Paper Gold vs Physical Gold

You’ve likely heard of reports via the media of problems with missing investor money at an Auckland bullion dealing and trading company in the past. We’ve had the odd question from readers about the situation. We don’t know any more about it than anyone who has read the newspaper articles such as the articles below, […]

Gold Symposium Sydney | Panel Discussion featuring Eric Sprott | John Embry | Egon von Greyerz and Ben Davies

Gold Symposium

A highlight of the recent Sydney Gold Symposium we attended was the panel discussion at the conclusion, which featured the 4 big names of the event:       Eric Sprott – Sprott Asset Management John Embry – Sprott Asset Management Egon Von Greyerz – Matterhorn Asset management Ben Davies – Hinde Capital   This […]

Bank Failures | Could they happen in NZ | The Reserve Bank thinks so

Could a Bank Failure happen in NZ

Last week we were reading this Zero Hedge article with the rather long headline “Futures Plunge As Fed Discloses New Stress Test: Fears US Banks Will Need To Raise Tens Of Billions In New Capital”. It outlines how the US Federal Reserve is intending to stress test 6 large US banks against a “hypothetical” market […]

The Central Bankers Dilemma

Darryl Schoon doesn’t mince words and that’s what we like about him.  Here he gives some thoughts on Central Bankers and the crumbling of the system over which they preside as well as a video warning about the precious metals ETF’s, GLD and SLV… THE CENTRAL BANKER’S DILEMMA HOW TO RIDE A DYING ELEPHANT Economics isn’t […]

How Much Gold Does the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Have?


We’ve had the odd query from other New Zealanders asking “With all the recent reports of ‎various Central Banks of the world buying gold, just how much gold does the Reserve ‎Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) actually have?”‎ So we thought we should publish the specifics.  And we’re sorry to report folks, the news isn’t […]

Why the Reserve Bank of New Zealand will eventually print money

(and why they will everywhere else too if they haven’t already) June 2009 news headlines highlight the ongoing strength of the NZ Dollar (kiwi). Having risen from a low of just under 0.50USD in March 09, the kiwi reached a high of 0.65USD less than 3 months later. A rise of some 30%! The high […]

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