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Why Buy Gold & SilverThe first step on the precious metals path is to consider the questions Why buy gold and Why buy silver? You might then consider reading about protection from a bank failure and the escalating war on cash, or even the risk of derivatives.

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Must read articles about Why to Buy Gold and Silver

Why buy gold?

Why Buy Gold?

Your reason for buying gold is the first thing to consider. This article outlines 8 reasons to buy gold today. Plus another 6 timeless reasons to buy gold.

Why Buy Silver

Why Buy Silver?

There is a lot of commonality in the reasons to buy gold and silver. But in this post you’ll discover 6 reasons you should specifically buy silver. Also learn about 3 factors that indicate silver should have more upside than gold. 

Could a Bank Failure happen in NZ

Bank Failures: Could they happen in NZ? The Reserve Bank thinks so

See how a bank failure could occur in New Zealand. Learn how the Reserve Bank of New Zealand open bank resolution will affect you and put your savings at risk. Plus how you can prepare for a bank failure in New Zealand.

Find out how Kiwisaver and bank bail ins

Kiwisaver and Bank Bail Ins: If a Bank Fails, Are Kiwisaver Funds Affected by the OBR?

Find out how Kiwisaver and bank bail ins work. See if your Kiwisaver funds would be affected if a New Zealand bank fails and customer accounts undergo a bail-in or “hair-cut”.

War on Cash: Implications for New Zealand

War on Cash: Implications for New Zealand

What are the real reasons for going cashless? What are the implications for New Zealand? See why hoarding something other than cash may be a good idea for emergencies… 

What Percentage of Gold and Silver Should Be in My Portfolio?

What Percentage of Gold and Silver Should Be in My Portfolio?

Here are factors to consider in deciding how much you should invest In precious metals. Plus some examples showing how specific percentages of allocation to gold can help balance and protect your portfolio…

Latest Articles

Not Long Until the “War on Cash” Comes to New Zealand

Another week, another step close to the end of cash down under? Overnight it was announced that the Australian government was to launch a special taskforce to police the cash economy which is supposedly worth an estimated AU$21 billion a year. “[Minister for Revenue and Financial Services Kelly] O’Dwyer told the ABC not only is […]

War on Cash: Implications for New Zealand

We’ve written and shared multiple articles on the topic of the War on Cash over the past couple of years. Here’s a bunch of them if you need some background: War on Cash: The Bazookas Arrive This war on cash has certainly heated up over the past couple of weeks. First the Indian government […]

Is Inflation Going to Surprise Us?

Throughout most of the world, the last 7 or 8 years has delivered what appears to be very low levels of what is known as “consumer price inflation”. Sure house and other asset prices have risen in many parts of the globe. But these get conveniently stripped out of or “substituted” from most government measures […]

Presentation – Gold & Silver: Wealth Insurance with Upside

Earlier this week we returned the favour to Forex Trading Coach Andrew Mitchem and made a webinar presentation for his clients. (If you missed the webinar Andrew did for our clients you can still see the link to it here: Forex Trading – How You Can Benefit). The topic of our presentation to his clients […]

This Is How the Feds Will Ban Cash

We referenced a line from this Bill Bonner article a few weeks ago. But it’s worth checking out the whole PIECE for his theory as to how a ban on cash might be rolled out. Including what the cause may be and how the central planners will react… This Is How the Feds Will Ban […]

In Gold We Trust 2016 – Out Now!

Last week Ronni Stoeferle and his partner at Incrementum Mark Valek released their “In Gold We Trust 2016” Report. We look forward to this report every year and set aside some time to digest it. If you were lucky you may have had the chance to meet Ronni back in 2013 when he made a […]

The Secret Meeting That Accelerated the War on Cash

We’ve discussed negative interest rates a lot lately. We’ve also referenced the “War on Cash” many times too. This short interview transcript outlines why this is occurring, how it suddenly sped up early this year and what you can do about it. While the loss of cash and therefore financial privacy sounds troubling all is […]

Lessons for the Average Gold Investor From a Very Different Gold “Miner”

It is a very different read from most annual reports. Of course there are the usual numbers with revenues and profits, resources and reserves. But what is different about this annual report is that there is a lot to learn from it even for people with no interest in buying shares in this particular mining […]

If You Use This Bank, Your Cash Could Soon Be “Taxed”

Up until now in the countries around the world where their Central Bank has set negative interest rates, it is only the banks who have been charged these by the Central Bank. The banks pay the Central Bank on any “excess reserves” they hold with the Central Bank, with the rationale being this will “encourage” […]

How Much Physical Paper Money is in Circulation in NZ vs Total Bank Deposits?


Bank runs might seem like a far fetched possibility, both in the USA and here in New Zealand. But the below article shows just how little physical paper currency there is available in the USA compared to the total dollars in US cheque and savings accounts. It inspired us to have bit of a dig around […]