Chris Powell of GATA: Swiss Gold, Dutch Gold, & GOFO Rates


Max Keiser interviews Chris Powell of GATA in the second half of this video. They cover a really diverse range of topics. The video should start automatically at the 15.35 minute mark and covers:

– Why the Swiss Gold Initiative failed.

– Why the Dutch are able to repatriate their of 122 tons of gold.

– What are the GOFO rates in the gold market and why are they such an important indicator?

– Why gold is the competitor to the central banks and how they use gold as a loss leader.

– How gold is a determinant of currency values and interest rates and is an enemy of Central Banks.

– How gold and silver are being plainly manipulated and why the mainstream press doesn’t give this fraud any coverage.

– How the Russians know that the West has built its financial system on a vast fractional reserve gold banking system that is fraudulent.

Then in Part 2 of the interview (which starts around the 12 minute 30 second mark) they discuss such topics as:

– Why the East wants to become the dominant player on the globe.

– Is the current US rally sustainable and how come no one pulls the plug on it?

– How Jim Rickards played the Russian hand in theoretical war games and what the Russians could do to control the world financial system.

– Have the Russians recently been trading gas/oil for gold under the table?

– Why gold is the supreme weapon and this power has even been recognised as such by the US government.

– Why gold is the ultimate money.

– Why Saudia Arabia is not supporting the oil market and is trying to derail the US shale industry.

– Why governments around the world don’t want gold backing to their currencies.

– What could Russia do instead of backing the ruble with gold for payment of their oil and gas?

– Why the western central banks don’t want the mining companies out of business.

– Why devaluing of debt should be the objective of Central Banks and governments but if people figure out what is going on they will get out of the system and hyperinflation will occur.

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