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This Week:

  • Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements at GoldSurvivalGuide
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  • Update on the War on Cash Down Under
  • Silver Cycles and War Cycles

Prices and Charts

Change from last weeks gold and silver prices


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Gold Up, Silver Up More

Both metals moving higher this week.
Significantly the US Dollar price of gold got briefly above the $1300 level during the week (see the lower half of the below chart). Although USD gold didn’t manage to close above this level, this does point to their being some momentum for gold currently.
Check out this article we just read this morning for 6 reasons that gold has more upside ahead: These six charts are signaling more upside in gold
The local gold price remains close to recent highs. Up around 0.5% on a week ago. It has pulled back slightly from overbought last week, but the price has not. So we could see it run a bit higher yet perhaps.
The fact there is not much interest in gold this week could add a bit of weight to this theory.

NZ Dollar Gold Chart

NZD silver is up 1.5% from a week prior. It dipped earlier in the week but is now near recent highs and slowly closing in on the key 200 day moving average (MA) level.

NZ Dollar Silver Chart

The kiwi dollar is up around 0.5% on a week ago, but still below the 50 day MA. We could yet see it test the 0.72 mark or even dip to the 200 day moving average just above 0.71.

NZ Dollar Chart

Update on the War on Cash Down Under

Across the ditch there have been more developments recently in the War on Cash.
At a technology conference in June Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s top technology executive said a cashless society is coming:

“Mr Whiteing suggested the switch to a cashless society would be unlikely to occur right away, and couldn’t be imposed on citizens without consultation.

“At the moment it is OK, but there is probably a conversation that we need to have in a few years with our customers, about if you really, really want that [cash], then you are going to have to pay,” he said.”


But in the last couple of weeks more news concerning Commonwealth Bank could well result in speeding this process up.
You see Commonwealth Bank has been identified as having breached anti money laundering rules on 1000’s of occasions. “Crims” have been able to deposit up to 200 notes at a time into Commonwealth Bank “smart” ATM’s. Then as long as the total amount was under $10,000 this was not reported. The result being that the bank launders the cash for these people.
Of course the call is that “something must be done”. UBS (yes the same company that first made calls to ban the $100 in Australia last November) analyst Jonathan Mott said that this breach raised ‘four critical questions’:

‘Is the root of the problem the outdated high denomination cash notes? Should Australia move to phase out cash given its role in the black economy (including: proceeds of crime, money laundering, tax avoidance, welfare fraud)?

‘Benefits may include reduced crime (difficult to monetise; increased tax revenue (fewer cash transactions) and reduced welfare fraud (claiming welfare while earning and hoarding cash).

‘From the banks’ perspective there would likely be a spike in deposits — if all the A$100 notes were deposited into banks (ignoring hoarded A$50s), household deposits would rise 4%. This would likely fill the banks Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR) gap and reduce reliance on offshore funding.’


So far we haven’t heard too much more on this discussion about outlawing cash here in New Zealand. But we imagine it is only a matter of time.
See this article for more details on what New Zealand might expect: War on Cash Down Under Expands
Continues below

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More Reader Questions

We received 3 questions from one person last week that we’ve answered previously. But given they are somewhat common questions we thought it worth sharing them with everyone.
Remember to send us your question if you’ve got one too.

(a) If gold & silver price were to head to astronomical values, who would actually buy my precious metals? And would they have enough cash to pay for it?

We’ve answered a very similar question here:

How can I be sure there will be buyers for my gold and silver when I want to sell?

All the suppliers we use will buy their products (and in fact even some of each others) back. There is also a ready market on the likes of Trademe for gold and silver bars and coins.
Also our guess is also that if the precious metals bull market continues the likelihood is that there will be more buyers of gold and silver in the future coming to the party a bit late in the piece. So you could make an argument that as the precious metals bull market proceeds it will also be easier to sell your gold and silver than it is now, as there will be more buyers.

(b) What is a good indicator to sell gold/silver?

We can do better than that – here’s 7 of them:

When Will You Know It’s Time to Sell Gold?

Also on a related note:

Exit Strategies For When the Time Comes to Sell Gold and Silver

And here’s the full low down on the process of selling:

How to Sell Gold and Silver Bullion

(c) Should I also be buying Cryptocurrency as insurance against a financial collapse?

We see gold and silver as insurance policies against financial collapse. But we’ve also been following cryptocurrencies with interest. Here’s an article on that topic from last year.
We’ll sign off there as we also have plenty of reading on the website for you below.
It remains a decent time to be purchasing gold and silver as long term “financial insurance”.
Call David on 0800 888 465 for a quote or with any questions.
  1. Email:
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Silver Cycles and War Cycles

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GoldSurvivalGuide’s Mission Explained

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GoldSurvivalGuide Mission Explained

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Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements at GoldSurvivalGuide

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Australia has 80 Tonnes of Gold, How Much Gold Does New Zealand Have?

Tue, 8 Aug 2017 6:22 PM NZST

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As always we are happy to answer any questions you have about buying gold or silver. In fact, we encourage them, as it often gives us something to write about. So if you have any get in touch.

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