Which Countries Will Survive Economic Crisis?


Which Countries Will Survive Economic Crisis?

Which countries stand to survive the coming crisis the best?

In this short 3 minute video WealthCycles.com CEO Michael Maloney shares his thoughts and they might well surprise you.

Here’s our take on how New Zealand would survive Economic Crisis:

We’ve said many times in the past that New Zealand may well be one of the last “dominoes to fall” when the current monetary paradigm crumbles. The world must remain fed first and foremost and due to it’s largely primary industry base New Zealand may well fare better in the end than say Australia, with their main exports of minerals which are involved in construction.

We are seeing this currently, with Australia recently cutting interest rates in a bid to keep things humming. Also evidenced by the NZ dollar getting close to parity with the Aussie dollar.

But we are probably still more closely related to the rest of the developed world, rather than the developing world in how we will fare IN THE LONG RUN.

That’s because New Zealand still has a net debt position, (i.e. we owe more as a nation than others owe us) so if Maloney is likely to be right that then businesses and property here in NZ will likely eventually be on “sale” after the next round of the crisis hits. And that will be the time to swap your precious metals for other beaten down real assets. But of course you’ve got to have some first…

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