Discovering the “Road to Roota”

We’ve shared a bit of information from Bix Weir in the past. His theories are definitely out there but the world is a very strange place so who are we to say that he can’t be right?

Bix Weir makes some very good arguments to back up his theory that Alan Greenspan is one of the “good guys” and has always been out to crash the existing system to bring in something better.

Weir has a mountain of information on his site that takes some getting through. However he has just released a video that summarises much of this.

So if you’re prepared to allow yourself to go down the rabbit hole and swallow the red pill – to mix metaphors and pop culture tales – then check out the video below.

Bix Weir Summarises his “Road to Roota” Theory

Bix Weir walks you through how The Road to Roota Theory was discovered and what it means. Does the Federal Reserve have a Secret Plan to destroy the US Dollar and return to a Gold Standard? All that and much more is covered…

You can also download a free PDF Copy of one of the books by Bix here:

“Silver, Gold, Bitcoin…and God!” by Bix Weir

The Economist Magazine 2016 Cover as Interpreted by Road to Roota Theory

Plus if that isn’t enough for you then check out this recent post from Bix where he dissects the annual Economist Magazine cover. This features none other than “The Maestro” himself Alan Greenspan.

These Economist Covers really are something. One theory is “The Powers That Be” often give hints about what is going to happen and The Economist, being the very epitome of an establishment magazine, is one method used to do this.

SPECIAL REPORT: Economist Magazine Shows Roota Pulling The Plug

THE ECONOMIST 2016 MAGAZINE COVER deciphered with Road to Roota Theory

Lastly, for more of what we’ve previously posted about and from Bix check out these articles:

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America’s Book of Secrets: The Gold Conspiracy

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3 thoughts on “Discovering the “Road to Roota”

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  2. Glenn says:

    Yes I believe it is short for Root A. Roota is meant to be Alan Greenspan. And Roota I think is a play on some computer programming language: Root A. Greenspan is believed to be one of the early programmers in the BASIC language. See this post for more on Bix Weirs theory about Greenspan:

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