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This week:

  • A Review of Gold and Silvers Performance in NZD for 2012

  • Doug Casey on the Morality of Money

  • Chart Action

  • Alf Field – Gold Analysis for 2013

  • Fancy a Gold Mining Franchise?

We held off sending this email for a day as yesterday we hadn’t quite finished our article reviewing NZ gold and silver performance for 2012, and we wanted to get that out to you while it was still early January.

So that said, here is our feature article this week:

2012 reviewGold and Silver in NZ Dollars: 2012 in Review and What Lies Ahead?

We look at what gold and silver returned for 2012 for holders in New Zealand. Or the correct way to phrase that really is how much value did the NZ dollar lose against real money. But given most people still measure gold and everything else in dollars we’ll stick with the current paradigm too for now.  We also cast a guess at what the prices may have in store for this year – if our coin tossing is of interest to you that is!

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Morality & MoneyDoug Casey on the Morality of Money

We also feature another article of a more philosophical nature this week. It’s an old one from Doug Casey on the Morality of Money. But anything Doug has to say is worth a listen at the very least.

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Chart Action

If you haven’t kept an eye on prices over the past 2 weeks (good on you for taking a break!), the charts below give a quick summary on price action.

If you missed out on the dip in prices just before Christmas, we are back at the same level today pretty much.

What’s more for NZ dollar gold we are also very close to the mid year lows.

NZD Gold Chart

Silver has not dropped back as far as gold and is still a way off the mid year lows but is consolidating above NZ$36.

NZD Silver Chart

So while this sideways action continues it gives us a good chance to keep buying the lower end of the trading range and adding to our holdings. Good to see a few readers following this method too with regular purchases when the price dips.

Here are also some longer terms charts from our daily price alert earlier today with trend lines drawn in for you.

NZD Gold Long Term

NZD Silver Long Term

Alf Field – Gold Analysis for 2013

Alf Field – was a speaker at the 2011 Gold Symposium in Sydney, and at the last Symposium in October we met him again, but he was there as attendee only. In his latest Elliott wave charting published at Jim Sinclair’s JSMineset on 3 January, he thinks the gold correction is likely over as long as the price (London PM Fixing) remains above US$1636. So far so good as we only got down to US$1645 on the 7th January. Here’s what he has to say exactly:

Alf Field Chart

“Obviously a decline to below $1636 would render this analysis valueless and we would have to reconsider the situation. The PM fix on Jan 2, 2013 was $1693, so there is already some upward movement on the scale that one should now expect.

Once $1800 is taken out on the upside, the gold chart will look tremendous. A beautiful “cup and handle” base would then provide strong support for a vigorous upward climb in the precious metal. At this stage there is no reason to abandon the rough target of $4500 for this coming upward wave. Once we have the next upleg above $1800 in place, it will be possible to start refining this target.

It seems that gold is well set up for a spectacular year in 2013.”


Fancy a Gold Mining Franchise?

If you’re looking for a business opportunity but don’t want to buy a Subway franchise, how about a gold mining franchise instead?!!

We just spotted this headline this morning, where NZ listed gold miner/explorer “Glass Earth Gold is seeking to sell franchises within its Central Otago alluvial gold operations, and to make the venture self-funding for further exploration.”


Actually seems like they already have some partners lined up, so maybe it might have to be a subway franchise after all sorry.

So if you’re one of the unfortunate majority who doesn’t have their own alluvial gold deposit to mine in Central otago, then you probably (like us) need to swap some paper money for some gold whenever you want to add to your own “Central Bank of You” reserves.  If now is one of those times (and given todays prices it’s probably not a bad one) then get in touch:

1. Email:

2. Phone: 0800 888 GOLD ( 0800 888 465 ) (or +64 9 2813898)

3. or Online order form with indicative pricing 

Have a golden week!  

Glenn (and David)

Ph: 0800 888 465

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