Gold in NZ Dollars: We Have Been Here Before

Gold in NZD - We have been here before

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13 March 2013

This Week:

  • Here’s Why Not to Believe the NZ Government’s Inflation Statistics
  • Comparing Money Supply, Government Inflation Statistics, Property Prices, and Gold Prices for the Last 10 Years
  • Gold in NZD: We Have Been Here Before
  • Gold Confiscation infographic

Gold and Silver Price Action

Both precious metals are up quite sharply today on last week’s prices. Gold in NZD is at NZ$1933, up $33 per ounce on a week ago care of a slightly weaker kiwi and a strengthening USD gold price.

Silver today is NZ$35.45 versus $34.61 per ounce last Wednesday.

Interestingly the precious metals miners have had a couple of large bounces higher in the past week. They often seem to lead the prices of the actual metals themselves. With the mining shares having been so decimated they are certainly due for a sharp increase sooner or later. Sooner perhaps?

The charts of both metals don’t look markedly different than a week ago and so we don’t have a lot of insight to share with you today on them other than what’s already written in them.

NZD Gold Chart

NZD Silver Chart

Here’s Why Not to Believe the NZ Government’s Inflation Statistics

Our feature article this week came out of the blue really. We were flicking through a great site full of information – – and looking at various bits of data on New Zealand, when we stumbled across an M3 money supply chart. If you’ve read much on money supply you’ll recall that in the USA they stopped reporting this awhile back. However shadow stats continues to gather the data privately and report it. 

Anyway it caught our eye, in particular the growth in the NZ supply over the past decade.

If you read it you’ll see why the money supply growth rate sparked the thought of how house prices “always” double every 10 years.

Anyway the headline for our article is:

Inflation StatisticsHere’s Why Not to Believe the NZ Government’s Inflation Statistics

But we added a sub heading that probably explains the full gist of the post better:

Comparing Money Supply, Government Inflation Statistics, Property Prices, and Gold Prices for the Last 10 Years

Read More.

Gold in NZD: We Have Been Here Before

While looking up the data from 10 years ago for our feature article mentioned above, it reminded us of what gold in NZ dollars did in the early 2000’s.

Below is a chart of the USD price of gold and below it the NZD price of gold for the last 20 years.

We’ve added a red arrow showing the direction of the gold price in both currencies from the early 2000’s until 2005. In USD terms gold was trending up steadily over this time. Whereas looking at gold in kiwi dollars it was flat to trending down during this time due to a strengthening kiwi dollar (ringing any bells yet?).

USD vs NZD Gold Price

The green arrow on the chart then shows that priced in NZ dollars gold proceeded to rise much faster and higher than in US dollars.

Fast forward to the last couple of years and we see USD gold going sideways and again NZD gold actually trending slightly down due to the strengthening NZD/USD cross rate.

In 2008-2009 we also saw the NZD gold price rise higher and faster than the USD price. And then fall more sharply too.

So, the point being that these periods where the NZD gold price does nothing or falls sharply is not new in this bull market. And maybe, just maybe, we might again get a period where the NZD gold price outperforms the USD gold price?

And while gold negative articles appear in the press like this one below in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald we are likely closer to a bottom than a top is our guess. 

Is the golden age coming to an end?


Gold Confiscation Infographic

Just over a year ago we wrote an article entitled,

Gold Confiscation: Could it happen in New Zealand?

Yesterday we stumbled across this interesting infographic which outlines the cases in history where gold has been confiscated. As mentioned in our article New Zealand is yet to feature in the confiscation history books. But it was interesting to note that this infographic did detail the Australian law passed in 1959 making “it legal to seize private citizens gold in return for paper money.”

Gold confiscation


For more infographics check out

Other articles this week:

Bond CrashWe’ve also got a couple other posts on the website this week:

The Coming Crash in the Bond Market

Hear from Bud Conrad on why he believes we may be close to bond markets collapsing.


Hi Ho Silver!Hi Ho Silver: Making the Case for This Precious Metal

See how it might be psychological factors that eventually send poor mans gold much higher.


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