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Get Your Gold the Hell Outta Here

By Doug Hornig, Casey’s Gold & Resource Report That’s the directive that came down from HSBC USA in late November.‎ ...
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China becomes worlds biggest gold buyer in 2009

Big changes were seen in 2009 in the global gold market.  Not only was it the first time in 21 ...
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What will 2010 bring for gold and the markets

This week, along with almost everyone else, we surmise about what’s likely to come our way in 2010. ‎As usual, ...
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Gold in a bubble

Weekly Wanderings 24 December 2009 In the final Weekly Wanderings for 2009 we cover.... • Don Coxe on gold – courtesy ...
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Prof Fekete: Why the Chinese Government is urging its people to buy gold and silver

As we mentioned in this previous article (China and the introduction of paper money), in November we attended a conference ...
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An Unbelievable Investment Opportunity in Gold

Today we hear again from J.S. Kim on why, contrary to what you may hear in the mainstream, gold is ...
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Jim Rogers | silver and agriculture are the best opportunities right now

Jim Rogers was recently interviewed on CNBC (full video below).  He thinks the US dollar will rally in the short term ...
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Ted Butler | Potential for closure of paper silver futures market

Weekly Wanderings 16 December 2009 In this weeks musings we feature…‎ • Society of Fat Cats speaks out • The ...
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China and the introduction of paper money

We were recently in Australia attending a conference hosted by the Gold ‎Standard Institute– a body which aims to educate ...
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Shadowstats John Williams | Hyperinflation will break in the next 5 years

Weekly Wanderings 10 December 2009In this weeks musings…  ·         Meredith Whitney speaks·         Hyperinflation, according to John Williams  Meredith Whitney was the banking ...
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NZ gold miner in joint venture talks with Chinese

Heritage Gold is in talks with potential joint venture partners in China to develop the historic Talisman mine. The NZX ...
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US Mint sells out of 1/10th ounce gold coins in one day

Further evidence of the increasing demand for gold comes by way of the U.S. Mint.  Just one day after releasing ...
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