Grant Williams: “Gold Price” not the same as “Price of Gold”


Back at the start of April we posted a video of a presentation by Grant Williams of Vulpes Investment Management entitled Risk – it’s not just a board game.

We’ve just watched his latest presentation made to the CFA institute in Singapore, which while 48 minutes long is still well worth a watch as he has an ability to make some bold points with rather dry humour. If you’re in a hurry you could just watch the gold bit which kicks off at 33:40 mins.

Just some of the topics he covers include:

    • If the global economy is stalling, Europe is in recession, China is slowing and growth is seemingly impossible to generate, why are share markets at all time highs?
    • The disparity between chinese headline growth and chinese economic activity
    • Why France is Europes “big problem”
    • Why the gold bull market is a long long way from being over.
    • Why gold is a mirror of the perceived value of its alternatives
    • How gold has been under serious and “mathematically inexplicable pressure”
    • The difference between the “Gold Price” and “The Price of Gold” (a great point he also made in a recent issue of his “Things that make you go Hmm” letter).
    • Just how big the 400 ton sale, that set off last months gold price plunge, was in comparison to the gold market.
    • Just how likely (or rather unlikely) to occur a fall the size of last months was, mathematically speaking.
    • Just how massive the buying demand was last month after the gold price fall in various cities across the globe.
    • The significance of China’s gold imports through Hong Kong
    • Central bank gold buying in 2012 and projections for 2013
    • Just how large future demand for gold may be from Eastern central banks should they choose to raise their gold reserves to something closer to western central banks.


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