How to Stay Up to Date on Gold & Silver News and Deals

Get Browser Push Notifications and Stay Up to Date on Gold & Silver Research & Deals

Odds are you may not have any idea what a “push notification” is!

But you may get push notifications currently if you use the likes of Facebook. When you have a web browser open on your computer these pop out notifications appear in the corner of your screen. Notifying you of new content and updates from the company concerned. It would have looked something like this:

We have recently added this feature to the GoldSurvivalGuide website. It works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (for Mac) browsers. Plus on Chrome on Android smartphones. (Not available on iPhone though).

You’ll want to receive these if you’d like to be kept up to date whenever we post new articles and research. Or if you want to be the first to hear about any limited time deals we have.

With it getting harder and harder to get email past spam filters these days, it’s also a good back up in case you ever miss any of our emails.


Just Choose “Allow Notifications”

Just click the green “Allow Push Notifications” button when you see the pop up message below. You’ll probably also need to click allow in the next window that opens, depending on what browser you use. That’s it! Nothing else to do.

If you’re not already an email subscriber of ours then you can also opt in to receive our weekly gold and silver updates. Ignore that if you already get our emails.

You’ll now receive our push notifications.

How to Allow Push Notifications on the Gold Survival Guide website

How to Stop Push Notification Messages

If you ever want to stop the push notifications, just go into your browsers settings menu and under Content --> Notifications and block them. See this site for full instructions on how to do that for each web browser. Or this for Safari for Mac.)


What to Do if You Already Said “No Thanks”

In case you’ve already seen the above pop up and chosen “No Thanks”, but have now changed your mind and want to allow notifications here’s what to do:

You’ll then see the“Allow Push Notifications” message pop up again. Click the green button and you’re done!

If you have any problems get in touch here.

Otherwise thanks for choosing to stay on touch!

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