How to Win A Silver Coin Every Month

Great questions make for interesting answers.

We’ve had a few excellent questions over the past month. So we figured why not reward those who come up with them?

How would you like to learn how you can win a silver coin?

Ask a Great Question – Win a Silver Coin

Every month we’re giving away a 1 oz silver coin to the person who comes up with the best question (available to New Zealand readers only).

This article proved to be the most popular last month amongst readers…

So reader “Dave R” will be the inaugural winner for July of our monthly best question award. A 1 oz silver coin will be winging its way to you shortly Dave!

What Question About Gold or Silver Would You Like Answered?

Remember the only silly question is the question not asked!

Win A Silver Coin

You can send your question in however you like:

Then in the first week of every month, we’ll announce the winner. Odds are that if you have a question in you’ve got a decent chance of winning for the month.

So next time a question enters your mind about gold or silver, instead of just wondering about it, fire it into us!

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4 thoughts on “How to Win A Silver Coin Every Month

  1. Gary Patterson says:

    Re Ask a question.
    How is it that the price of a 1oz PAMP Gold Lady Fortuna Minted Bar – PAMP Suisse with Certificate is consistently worth less than a Canadian Gold Maple coin? Both are 1 ounce and 9999 pure.
    Wraped in plastic thereby avoiding damage, and with the Swiss reputation historically as the world’s bankers I would have thought the pamp would be the one to command a premium.
    Cheers Gary

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