Impact of the New Government Coalition

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This Week:

  • Impact of the New Government Coalition
  • RBNZ Dashboard: Could Increase the Odds of a Bank Run Due to “Misunderstanding”
  • Gold Silver Ratio Update for 2017: Time to Buy Silver Again
  • How Unbacked Fiat Money Corrupts Society
  • In Gold we Trust Chartbook 2017 – 60 Slides for Gold Bulls

Prices and Charts

Change from last weeks gold and silver prices
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Buying Back 1oz NZ Gold 9999 Purity $1781
Buying Back 1kg NZ Silver 999 Purity $752

NZD Gold and Silver Shoot Higher Due to Plunging NZ Dollar

Both gold and silver in NZ Dollars were up over 3% this week. The entirety of the gains were due to the sharply weaker NZ Dollar. More on that soon.

NZD gold bounced up off the 50 day moving average and the downtrend line. It looks to have carved out a higher low at $1775. The weaker kiwi dollar has NZD gold now within spitting distance of the September high again. With sentiment towards precious metals remaining very negative, it would make sense for NZD gold to break out to a new high pretty soon.

NZ Dollar Gold Chart

As we suspected, silver in NZ dollars is now sitting right on the downtrend line from mid 2016. The fourth time it has touched this trendline. Because silver is not yet overbought, it could well be setting up to break through this line soon.

We’ll have more on silver in our feature article this week.

NZ Dollar Silver Chart

As reported already, the sharply weaker NZ dollar has been the driver of local precious metals prices this week. Since the coalition announcement the dollar has really taken a pasting. But it could be close to bottoming out now.

The long term chart below shows it sitting right on this long term uptrend line. But also not far from horizontal support at 0.68.

NZ Dollar Chart

Remember to check out this post if any of the terms we use when discussing the charts are unknown to you:

Gold and Silver Technical Analysis: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Gold and Silver Technical Analysis:The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Impact of the New Government Coalition

We’re pretty apolitical here at Gold Survival Guide believing the only good government is – well we’re struggling to come up with one! But who knows whether this government will have as negative an effect as most in the financial world seem to think? New Zealand floats on the ocean of decisions that aren’t made here.

However odds are most of the people who voted for them will be unlikely to be that much better off.


Because any new rules they pass are more likely to impact the middle to upper class. The real wealthy are able to shield most of their income and assets from tax increases.

Given New Zealand is made up mostly of small to medium business owners these are the people most likely to be impacted. They are also the people who do most of the employing.

There is a planned increase of the minimum wage to over $20 by 2020. Many people will see this as perfectly reasonable. So why not increase the minimum wage to $50 an hour or even $100 an hour. Then we can all be rich!

The higher wages will have to come from somewhere and it will likely be in the form of less jobs. Odds are this increase will also come just when the economy may be slowing.

But our guess is New Zealand’s low productivity and low wage economy can’t be fixed by a proclamation from on high to raise the wages. Our borrowing is what makes us poor as a nation. Compare us to the likes of Hong Kong:

“The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the country’s central bank, is among the best capitalized on the planet.

Plus, the government is awash with cash and routinely runs substantial budget surpluses.

Hong Kong has virtually zero debt, and nearly $1 trillion Hong Kong dollars ($126 billion) in net foreign reserves.

That’s a public savings account worth roughly 40% of the country’s GDP.

Hong Kong’s Net International Investment Position, which is essentially a reflection of the government’s ‘net worth,’ is about $1.25 TRILLION, or 380% of GDP.”

When you are servicing loans it leaves a lot less income to invest or spend elsewhere. And of course our private debt here in New Zealand is much worse than the government debt.

So our theory – more debt equals less productivity.

We can’t spend our way to a high productivity/high wage economy. But it looks like this government will have a good crack at it.

Continues below




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NZ Bankers Association: RBNZ Dashboard Could Increase the Odds of a Bank Run Due to “Misunderstanding”

Following on from our article last week on the new RBNZ Bank Dashboard and why it may not help you pick a safe bank, we stumbled across the submission by the NZ Bankers Association to the Reserve Bank on this topic. The Bankers Association outline why the dashboard would not be a good idea. One of the main reasons? There’s a risk that:

“…uninformed users could make inaccurate assessments of a bank’s financial stability thereby introducing the risk of a run on a bank.”

Here’s one of things we would agree with the Bankers Association on:

“In particular, for the typical retail investor average financial literacy, particularly accounting skills, needs to be significantly lifted for this to eventuate. NZBA does not consider that the Dashboard Approach will of itself encourage retail depositors to view, or fully understand, the data published by the RBNZ.”


Yes the average person sure does need an increase in financial literacy. However if they did get this we’d hazard a guess that they may choose not to keep so much money in the bank anyway!

Because they’d know New Zealand banks have no deposit guarantee in case of a bank failure.  And that it’s advisable to have some financial insurance to cover any digital funds they hold in a bank account.

But given there is virtually no financial literacy taught in New Zealand schools (perhaps by design?), this is unlikely to improve in a hurry.

Gold to Silver Ratio Update for 2017: Time to Buy Silver Again

As we said earlier silver is once again sitting right on the downtrend line. Touching this downtrend line for the fourth time could mean we are close to seeing it break out.

Long Term Silver Chart

Another indicator we’ve been keeping an eye on is the gold to silver ratio. As it too is giving some hints that it could be ready to head lower. That is for silver to outperform gold.

In our feature article we look at what the gold to silver ratio could do from here. Including:

  • What 3 things we’ll need to see happen to confirm that silver is outperforming gold
  • What might happen to silver once these 3 things occur.

Gold to Silver Ratio Update for 2017: Time to Buy Silver Again

Gold to Silver Ratio Update for 2017

Last Reminder: Here’s How to Connect With Other Like-Minded New Zealanders

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Here’s How to Connect With Other Like-Minded New Zealanders

Here's How to Connect With Other Like-Minded New Zealanders

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This Weeks Articles:

Gold to Silver Ratio Update for 2017: Time to Buy Silver Again

Tue, 24 Oct 2017 6:15 PM NZST

Time for an updated look at the Gold to Silver Ratio. Why? Because we think silver may finally be setting up to outperform gold again. We haven’t looked at the Gold to Silver Ratio in real detail since March 2016. In that post we covered:   What is the Gold to Silver Ratio? How is […]
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How Unbacked Fiat Money Corrupts Society

Tue, 24 Oct 2017 1:59 PM NZST

Hugo Salinas Price – our favourite billionaire – shares a number of stories from Mexico’s history to make the point that unbacked fiat money serves to corrupt a society. As Chris Powell of GATA puts it so well: “Salinas Price essentially supports the British economist Peter Warburton’s conclusion that a primary objective of central banking […]
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In Gold We Trust Chartbook 2017 – 60 Slides for Gold Bulls 

Tue, 24 Oct 2017 12:54 PM NZST

We’ve just received an email from Ronni Stoerferle announcing the release of his “In Gold We Trust abbreviated chartbook for 2017”. If you didn’t have the time to read the full version of the 2017 In Gold We Trust report, then make sure you check out this shortened version…   In Gold We Trust Chartbook 2017 […]
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Poor Sentiment Towards Precious Metals Continues

Thu, 19 Oct 2017 9:14 PM NZST

This Weeks Deal 1oz Perth Mint Silver Kangaroos 2016 BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) Minimum order 500 coins Based on  Spot Silver at NZ$23.80 per ounce 500 x 1oz Perth Mint 2016 Silver Kangaroos are $14,160 – $200 cheaper than 500 Silver Maples 1000 x 1oz Perth Mint 2016 Silver Kangaroos are $28,020 – $500 cheaper than […]
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