Presentation: Is Gold & Silver the Way Out of Hyperinflation?


Just last month we did a presentation for our friends Tony and Gerald at Defi Freedom on gold and silver. They have kindly allowed us to share it with our existing readers and clients too.

In this presentation we look at the potential for hyperinflation and how according to one definition the odds of this happening aren’t as crazy as most of us in countries such as New Zealand might think.

Here’s what’s also covered in the presentation:

  • The difference between the currency printing of 2008 and during Covid19
  • 3 Reasons to buy gold and silver
    • Keeping What You’ve Got
    • Real interest rates are negative
    • Upside Potential
  • 5 Indicators or measures of the upside potential in gold and silver

Plus you’ll also learn:

  • Why buy physical gold and silver?
  • What types of gold and silver to buy?
  • 4 tips when buying gold and silver.
  • Where to store physical precious metals?

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