It’s All a Ponzi Scheme

Robert Ian CEO, of Change Management International, interviewed by Rahool at


In this all encompassing interview they cover:

Part 1:

  • Where is gold and silver headed?
  • A lot of Investors have been scared out of gold and silver in the recent downleg.
  • Larger trading ranges in gold ahead, and what will take gold over $2000 per ounce?
  • A perfect storm is building with geopolitical tensions surrounding Iran, Europe on the edge of a cliff with debt, and an increasing number of Municipal County bankruptcies in the USA.
  • Printing money on a global scale without any production to back it up is a recipe for disaster.
  • A Ponzi scheme ready to blow up arises with the constant passing of the buck. You can’t solve a debt problem by adding more debt. It’s that simple!!!
  • If you can’t service the debt problem, you have two unpleasant choices either by heading into austerity or you have to default.
  • The USA circumstances are in many ways worse than Europe. The only difference is that the dollar is the global reserve currency and the US gets to print money out of thin air.

Part 2:

  • Once Europe blows up, Japan could be next as Japan could be forced to liquidate its one trillion dollars in US treasury holdings.
  • Domino effect may go from Europe to Japan to Germany and then to the USA.
  • Is the LIBOR scandal (LIE-MORE) going to be the next ‘Black Swan’?
  • The root cause is printing money. It’s debt and printing money. All Ponzi schemes end in one shape or form. More QE (Money Printing) just delays the day of reckoning, it doesn’t solve the problem.

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