Jim Sinclair: What the “Great Reset” Will Look Like

Jim Sinclair, chairman of Tanzanian Royalty, along with Bill Holter answer questions from subscribers of their website JSMineset.com.

You may want to skip ahead to the 12:40 minute mark as up until then they just discuss the “trolls” at a recent online company meeting of Tanzanian Royalty

Jim Sinclair discusses and answers questions such as:

  • What could the trigger be for a global collapse?
  • The possibility of a failure to deliver gold anywhere in the world on any paper exchange.
  • The leverage of gold and silver – physical vs paper.
  • Why truth trumps confidence.
  • After the great reset if currencies were somehow tied to gold, will inflation of currencies still be possible and how might corporations base their forward earnings statements?
  • What the “reset” might look like.
  • The real reason why China and Russia are accumulating gold.
  • Why currencies won’t be convertible.
  • Why there won’t be a new Bretton Woods, but a new system will come out of the marketplace.
  • Do FEMA camps exist?
  • How will we know when to sell silver? Why maybe you won’t.
  • Why gold should be in your bug out bag.
  • If Trump were to turn to some form of gold backed dollar would that have the potential to change all of the bubbles we are now in?
  • In a high inflationary scenario, how long will people have to convert a portion of their silver/gold holdings into cash before their loans are indexed?
  • Why we won’t see an orderly bull market of rising prices in gold
  • How gold and silver will be the ”last men standing”
  • If the internet is taken down how do people keep “a tab on things?”
  • Why bitcoin is a trial balloon for a cashless society.
  • How you can’t lose anything in preparation – other than storage space in your house

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