Why Physical Cash Is Being Eliminated: Grant Williams

We have always enjoyed Grant Williams “Things That Make You Go Hmmm” newsletter. Always very witty and sharp. Here’s a great interview with him from the recent Mauldin SIC conference.

He makes some great points about why he buys gold and what his considerations are. Such as:

He doesn’t buy gold – he owns it

He buys gold for what it does not what the price is.

Why it’s important what type of gold it is you own.

We then hear why we are being heavily discouraged from holding cash – it negates what the Fed and central banks are trying to do.

He outlines how this theme of the “evils of cash” was steadily peddled out and then how quickly the next step in outlawing cash was passed in Europe recently.

Only a short video, but worth a few minutes of your time.

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