Presentation – Gold & Silver: Wealth Insurance with Upside

Earlier this week we returned the favour to Forex Trading Coach Andrew Mitchem and made a webinar presentation for his clients. (If you missed the webinar Andrew did for our clients you can still see the link to it here: Forex Trading – How You Can Benefit).

The topic of our presentation to his clients was of course gold and silver, with it entitled:

Gold & Silver: Wealth Insurance with Upside

With a number of questions asked the presentation ended up a bit over an hour long. We’ve secured a recording of it and you might find it of interest too. Here’s what we covered:

Aristotle’s 5 features of money

And how modern money stacks up against gold and silver

Why buy gold and silver?

1. Keeping What You’ve Got:

– No counter-party risk

– Remove some of your wealth from the banking and financial system

– Financial Insurance against bank failure and bail-ins

– Why Gold Is not an Investment

2. Record Low Interest Rates

How today Gold has very little “opportunity cost”.

3. Gold & Silver: Insurance with upside potential:

– Gold vs Money Supply – Jim Rickards, Author of 3 books on money and gold has a price target for gold of US$10,000 per ounce. How he reaches this and how it compares to other measures.

– Gold Coverage Ratio chart

– Why even though this money supply measure shows that gold & silver remain undervalued historically, you shouldn’t just put a dollar value on gold and silver.

– Why you should instead use measures against other tangible assets such as:

Gold / Dow Ratio:  18000/1300 = just under 14

Gold / Housing Ratio:   $500,000/$1750 = 285 ounces

Silver / Housing Ratio:    $500,000/$25 = 20,000 ounces

Gold/Silver Ratio:    $1260/$17.60 = 72 ounces

Why Buy Physical Gold and Silver vs Paper Gold and Silver?

What types of gold and silver to buy?

Other Things to consider when buying gold and silver

Where to store physical precious metals?

Plus a Q&A session to finish off with.

Here is the full recording:


Learn more about Why Gold Bullion is Your Financial Insurance.

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