Proof: NZ Govt Following IMF’s “War on Cash” Doctrine

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This Week:

  • Here’s Proof the NZ Government is Following the IMF’s “War on Cash” Doctrine
  • Get Ready for the Biggest Gold Move in Years
  • Silver Prices Setting Up to Soar: $50 an Ounce Silver Possible
  • Inflation Rising Faster Than Expected

Prices and Charts

Change from last weeks gold and silver prices


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Yet again we have only seen a short sharp correction in NZD gold. The price is up again on last week after only a brief dip lower. This was driven mainly by a fall in the Kiwi Dollar – more on that in a moment.
The fall was enough to get NZD gold out of overbought territory on the RSI though. So there is now the chance gold could push even higher still.

NZ Dollar Gold Chart

A completely different story in silver however. Down over 2% this week and now sitting right on the converging 50 day and 200 day moving average lines.
So could NZD silver consolidate here and form another higher low like it did in March? It looks likely to us given we are now below neutral on the RSI overbought/oversold indicator at 40 (see the top of the chart).

NZ Dollar Silver Chart

Looking at the New Zealand Dollar now, as noted already it gapped down massively overnight. Today it sits over 1.5% lower than last week and only just above the low from December.

NZ Dollar Chart

Reports say it was due to fears of further US trade tariffs like the one announced on Canadian timber in retaliation for Canadian tariffs on US dairy products.
But as ANZ Bank New Zealand senior economist Phil Borkin said this was a bit head scratching as “if one of our competitors – Canada – is lumped with tariffs then that should actually be good for New Zealand, as long as the tariffs don’t affect us”.


It seems likely the fears of a global trade war breaking out is what prompted the fall. That is, the worry that this won’t be the last tariff put in place and this could affect New Zealand.
Could we potentially be seeing the early phase of similar protectionism to that which occurred during the great depression?

Silver Prices Setting Up to Soar: $50 an Ounce Silver Possible

Moe Zulfiqar of the Lombardi letter this week said that Investors looking for the next big trade shouldn’t ignore silver prices.
According to Zulfiqar the precious metal could be setting up to jump; it wouldn’t be shocking to see silver prices shoot to their 2011 highs—around $50.00—in a few years.
Zulfiqar’s silver price outlook is not based on a gut feeling. The fundamentals of the silver market, and several other factors, suggest this could be possible.
Before jumping to any conclusions and buying into the mainstream narrative of precious metal being useless for one’s portfolio, the first thing that investors must pay attention to is supply and demand in the silver market.
Zulfiqar discusses soaring silver demand throughout the world; institutional investors coming back in force; dwindling silver supply; exploration spending being slashed; what’s next for the silver price; silver mining companies; and other factors that are boosting the silver price.
He concludes conclude, the silver price and silver miners shouldn’t be ignored.

See the full article here.

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Inflation Rising Faster Than Expected – Interest Rates May Too?

Two weeks ago we reported how ASB expected inflation in NZ was to rise faster than predictions and reach 2.1%.
When the results were in, even the ASB were on the low side as inflation reached 2.2%. Some of which was due to tax increases on fuel and cigarettes, but other increases like housing are finally starting to show up in the government numbers.
Shamubeel Eaqub believes higher inflation could tighten the squeeze on borrowers:

“There are enough signs of normalcy in inflation for the RBNZ to also move interest rates to a more normal level. This means increasing the floating mortgage rates from about 5.7 per cent now, towards 7.5 per cent.

This will hurt those who have borrowed large sums recently. But surely no-one borrows, and no bank lends, a 30-year mortgage expecting interest rates to stay at historic lows forever. If borrowers have overstretched, the RBNZ will need to raise rates carefully, to avoid widespread banking distress.

For savers, particularly pensioners, this will be a welcome lift in interest income.

A return to normal for inflation heralds a return of higher interest rates.”


Makes sense. Apart from the comment “surely no-one borrows, and no bank lends, a 30-year mortgage expecting interest rates to stay at historic lows forever”, we’d not be so sure.
The recency bias comes into play here. That is, when rates have been low so long, many people don’t expect that to change.
In fact long term government bond rates both in the USA and here in NZ may again be ticking higher after a recent pullback.
10 Year NZ Government Bond Rates

NZ Govt 10 Year Bond Rate Chart

Here’s Proof the NZ Government is Following the IMF’s “War on Cash” Doctrine

Here’s Proof the NZ Government is Following the IMF’s “War on Cash” Doctrine
Our feature article this week examines a recent IMF paper. It compares the paper to the recent announcement of new financial reporting rules for cash transactions and overseas wire transfers for New Zealanders.
We show how this is evidence the New Zealand government is clearly following the IMF’s playbook in the war on cash.

Here’s Proof the NZ Government is Following the IMF’s “War on Cash” Doctrine

NZ Following IMF War on Cash Plan

You’ve got a few months yet until these reporting requirements are in place. So now is the time to buy gold and silver if you value financial privacy, as your transactions are still completely anonymous until then.
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Here’s Proof the NZ Government is Following the IMF’s “War on Cash” Doctrine

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 9:50 AM NZST

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