Sandeep Jaitly: Why We’re Deluded About the “Price of Gold”


Following on from the interview transcript with Professor Fekete from the Daily Bell last week, this week on the Keiser Report, his original student Sandeep Jaitly is interviewed. Sandeep elaborates on the Professors comment on the Daily Bell that the price of gold is headed for extinction.

Also covered in the video is:

    • Why we’re deluded about the “price of gold”
    • How gold backwardation is becoming more common
    • How even the likes of mainstream Barons are noting “suspicious” sales of gold in the past 2 months
    • Why economist Paul Krugman is wrong about gold hoarding
    • And how gold hoarding is a protest against the rate of interest being too low
    • How it’s ludicrous for the State to have the privilege to determine what a pound, dollar etc is

Sandeep kicks off at 13:32 mins…

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