Silver: 10 Reasons to BUY Lots! (Bix Weir)

Bix Weir believes that due to severely dwindling supplies of physical silver, in the early 1990’s, 2.75 billion ounces of silver was taken from a stockpile that was for use on the Manhatten project.

Bix calculates that this might be close to being “used up”. And so silver could be closed to finally breaking free. So begins a recent video of his.

In it Bix Weir gives you 10 reasons to LOAD UP on physical silver for the transition out of fiat money and into “sound money.”

Perhaps more correctly they could be called 10 things to look forward to in the silver market. Or 10 realisations or occurrences that will mean silver is trading closer to its real value.

Nevertheless they are all still good reasons to be buying silver today. A number show how undervalued silver remains currently.

We’ve listed the 10 reasons below. But as it’s only a 12 minute video it’s worth a listen to Bix’s full explanation of each point.

Reason 1: Removal of silver short Position Reason 2: Implementation of position limits in silver Reason 3: Mass redemption of paper silver Reason 4: Physical silver depletion Reason 5: Public realisation that silver is undervalued Reason 6: Bullion Banks and US Govt acknowledge price suppression Reason 7: investor realisation that pice increase in silver won't curtail industrial demand Reason 8: Silver to Gold Ratio Reason 9: Only gold and silver legal money Reason 10: Price so high you can enjoy life!


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