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Why Buy Gold? Here’s 15 Reasons to Buy Gold Now in 2020

“Everything looks pretty good in the world at the moment. Property and share prices have gone up a lot. Why buy gold now?” That’s one of the common responses we get when we mention we are involved in selling gold and silver bullion. Unlike a number of years ago the average guy or girl in […]

Top 17 Reasons To Own Gold Right Now

It seems Chris Duane of Silver Bullet Silver Shield has done somewhat of an about-face on his theory of selling your gold to buy silver. As his latest video is entitled “Top 17 Reasons To Own Gold Right Now”. Previously he has certainly been very pro silver. In November last year we outlined why we […]

Inflation Is Coming, What to Do—NOW

The folks at Casey Research continue to think that inflation is coming and is inevitable. They’ve put together some very interesting data that we’ve not seen before on very recent inflationary episodes from many countries around the globe. It points to the fact that now is the time to be prepared for what may come later… Inflation […]