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Gold And Silver: Respect The Bar

Stewart Thomson argues that commercial players are back buying silver and so the current price is right in a zone where silver bugs should be buyers too. He also delves into the demand for silver in China and gold in India… Gold And Silver: Respect The Bar Graceland Updates By Stewart Thomson At about 4:00am […]

India GST News Powers Gold Higher

There was some very positive news for gold out from India this week. Unlike the past couple of years when every announcement from the Indian government has been negative for gold. For a change a tax was announced that was lower than expected and actually reduces the overall tax on gold in some Indian states. […]

Debt Endgame And Gold Bull Era

A very bullish Stewart Thomson discusses the impacts of Indian demand, a looming US government debt crisis, and how inflation is set to surprise to the upside. And how these factors are all combining to boost gold and silver higher currently and into the future too…  Debt Endgame And Gold Bull Era Graceland Updates By […]

Stunning Developments In Gold and Silver in China and India


Earlier in July, Chris Duane of www.don’t-tread-on.me  and the Silver Bullet Silver Shield report posted the below interesting video on silver. He stated: “Today, I learned of one of the most stunning developments in the physical silver demand I have ever seen. The physical Silver market is about to explode the paper silver market in […]

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