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How Will the Global Monetary System Change Take Place?

In the past week or so we’ve seen evidence as to how the monetary system is continuing to change shape. Slowly but surely the US Dollar is losing its global dominance. The Daily Bell commented on reports out of Russia where they may change how the Russian Central Bank operates: “Here’s an excerpt from yet another […]

The Disruptive Disaster Facing China

To follow is an excellent article that shines a ray of hope for anyone that believes we are heading towards a more centralised world with bigger governments gaining even more control. Dan Denning previously wrote for Money Morning in Australia, after shifting there from the US. We heard him speak at the Gold Symposium in Sydney on […]

Why a Collapse Is “Practically Unavoidable”

We have to admit to being pretty confounded by China. By all accounts it has grown too fast with too much waste created by the inefficiencies of central planning. And yet it continues to seemingly power ahead, (well if you believe the number are even close to correct that is). Nonetheless this piece looks at […]

Why Doug Casey Bought $1.5 Million Worth of Gold Stocks

Why Doug Casey Bought $1.5 Million Worth of Gold Stocks

In New Zealand Dollar terms gold has been quietly trending up for the past 16 months. However in US dollars the gold price was trending down right the way through 2015. But that seems to have changed in the past 2 months or so too. Read on for 5 reasons why gold might have bottomed… […]

Ronald Stoeferle: 2016 Will Be a Good Year For Gold Investors

Ronald Stoeferle, of Incrementum AG in Liechtenstein was recently interviewed by Lars Schall, a German reporter. They discussed this year’s prospects for gold, silver and mining shares; the still increasing gold demand in China; and a book that Stoeferle co-authored, “Austrian School for Investors – Austrian Investing Between Inflation and Deflation”. The full audio interview can be found […]

The Coming Revaluation of Gold

The Coming Revaluation of Gold

Our favourite Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price has been busy of late. This is the third article in as many weeks of his that we have reposted. He outlines how the current meltdown of the world’s debt bubble will continue, but eventually result in the revaluation of gold. He covers how this new system may function […]

America’s Most Closely Guarded Secret: The Covert Fund That Controls It All — Rob Kirby

Rob Kirby of KirbyAnalytics.com is interviewed at the SGTReport on the very murky Exchange Stabilisation Fund. NOTE: Please check out this article we posted last week first by Hugo Salinas Price as it is the subject of this interview: One Trillion Dollars’ Worth of Bonds Magically Turn into Cash In answer to the One Trillion […]

Gold: The Unsurance Policy

Grant Williams’ presentation to last month’s Mines and Money London conference This is the presentation that Singapore-based fund manager Grant Williams, Of Things That May You Go Hhhmm, gave at Mines & Money in London in early December laying out why he believes the gold price is languishing despite a wealth of what would ordinarily be positive […]

China Joins the SDR Old Boys Club. What’s the Significance?

China Joins the SDR Old Boys Club

One of the worst kept secrets in global finance was confirmed on Tuesday when the IMF gave notice that it was to add the Chinese Renminbi to the basket of currencies that make up the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR). This will take place in October 2016. “Under the new formula, the respective weights of […]

Another Strong Signal Yesterday to Own More Physical Gold

Lighthouse showing: A Strong Signal Yesterday to Own More Physical Gold

With the announcement this week of China’s Yuan devaluation getting plenty of coverage, we’ve got a slightly different take on it below from J.S. Kim. His angle is not the majority view that they have done it solely to boost their exports though. Read on to find out… Another Strong Signal Yesterday to Own More Physical […]

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