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Will China Play The ‘Gold Card’? (Devalue the Yuan Against Gold)


In the latest piece from our favourite Billionaire, Hugo Salinas Price of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver, he wonders whether China may well devalue the yuan against gold as the next move in the international currency war. It’s an interesting argument that they might “raise” the Yuan gold price in order to:   (1) attract […]

Gold’s Down. What’s Up With That?

Gold’s Down. What’s up With That?

We read this excellent summary of where gold is at by Jim Rickards yesterday and thought it was worth sharing with you in full. For New Zealand readers it’s worth noting his point that it is a strong dollar rather than weak gold. The New Zealand dollar has also been affected by this of late and […]

Ditching the Dollar, One Country at a Time

We’ve posted this article chiefly for the infographic contained within it showing just how much the global monetary system has changed in recent years. Read on and you’ll see visually just how strong the move away from the US dollar has been. We’re not necessarily of the opinion that the US dollar is going to “die” completely, […]

NWO vs BRICS Hegelian Dialectic or Not?

NWO vs BRICS: Hegelian Dialectic or not?

Have you heard us or others write or speak about an “Hegelian Dialectic”? We can’t recall if we’ve given a definition of it before, but now is a good time as this video with Chris Duane discusses it without actually defining what it is. So here’s our understanding of Hegelian Dialectic… Named after a 19th century […]

7 Questions Gold Bears Must Answer

7 Questions Gold Bears Must Answer

With Gold having been headed lower for over 3 years now, the mood towards gold is pretty negative to say the least. However in this article you’ll learn seven surprisingly bullish signs that exist for gold today… 7 Questions Gold Bears Must Answer By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst A glance at any gold […]

Breakfast with a Lord of War

Here’s an interesting tale of a discussion with a high ranking US military official looking at how the US sees Russia… Breakfast with a Lord of War By David Galland, Partner, Casey Research For reasons that will become apparent as you read the following article, I was quite reluctant to write it. Yet, in the […]

A Comparison with when Silver was last at US$15


This is a really informative video from Chris Duane looking back to 2006 when silver was last at US$15 prior to the US housing bubble popping. He compares all sorts of numbers from 2006 until now including: * US Federal Debt – more than doubled from $8 trillion to $18 Trillion * The number of […]

The Asian Age of Transformation


The Casey Research Summit finished recently. Here’s some further opinions from speakers at the summit on Japan and China in particular… The Asian Age of Transformation By Casey Research Financial pundits are divided on Asia. Some believe China and Japan are going to have their day in the sun, while others fear that economic mismanagement will lead to a […]

We’re Ready to Profit in the Coming Gold Correction—Are You?


See not only how many gold corrections there have been since the start of the current bull market, but also how many surges there have been too. Importantly also see a number of the ongoing trends that continue to support gold and what to do in the current flat gold price environment… We’re Ready to Profit in […]

The TRUTH about China’s Massive Gold Hoard

Back in May we noted the report that Chinese gold imports via Hong Kong had fallen but that this coincided with the opening of official gold imports through Beijing–the first time foreign bullion sales will be allowed directly through the capital. So the speculation was that China has allowed this to make their gold imports […]

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