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Share Market Plunge – How is New Zealand Affected and What’s Next?

Share Markets plunged yesterday led by the US. In this article we’ll try and answer: What was the cause? What might happen from here? How is New Zealand affected? US share markets (or stock markets as they would say in the USA) have had their biggest one day point drop. With the Dow Jones Index falling […]

Coming Soon, The Worst Crash Of Our Lifetime

We first met Darryl Schoon  a couple of years after the gathering he mentions below in 2007 – he is a passionate and enthusiastic guy! It has been 10 years since the beginnings of the financial crisis that he witnessed back then. He – and others – argue that we are due for Part 2 […]

Change… Whether You Want It or Not

We always enjoy Bill Bonner’s dry wit and writing style. As he often says he’s had his “crash alert” flag flying for some time. Here’s his thoughts on “The Donald” and what will likely be coming regardless of anything he – or the US Central Bank – does… Change… Whether You Want It or Not […]