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Doug Casey: “Sell All Your Bonds”

Doug Casey gives his thoughts following the election of Trump, not only on bonds, but on property, stocks and gold too… Doug Casey: “Sell All Your Bonds” By Justin Spittler Editor’s note: If you read the Dispatch often, you know we like to share insights from Casey Research founder Doug Casey as much as we […]

Here’s Where the Next Bank Deposit “Bail-In” Will Strike…

2013 saw the first very widely publicised bank deposit “Bail In” in Cyprus. We wrote about that situation back then and how it compares to what exists here in New Zealand in this article: Bank Failures: Will New Zealand be Cyprussed? But there is now a very real risk of this happening again in another […]

How to Prepare for the Coming Collapse in Credit – Chris Martenson

Chris Martenson has a new book out called “Prosper”. A new subscriber (Thanks Andrew R!) mentioned how much he was enjoying the audiobook version, so we’ve ordered it ourselves. We’ve featured a lot of Chris’s work over the years including his crash course – which you can see for free here. And everything he does […]



The always informative Darryl Schoon gives an excellent account of monetary history from the 1930’s great depression through until today. You’ll also learn about how gold performed during the deflationary depression… THE PRICE OF GOLD AND THE ART OF WAR Part III If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float […]

How to Invest in a Difficult Market

How to Invest in a Difficult Market

How to Invest in a Difficult Market By Casey Research Many experts hold dim views of the current state of the US economy—but what’s a prudent investor to do to make a profit? Find out what the blue-ribbon faculty of economists and investment pros at the recently concluded Casey Research Fall Summit thought. Lacy Hunt, […]

We’re Ready to Profit in the Coming Gold Correction—Are You?


See not only how many gold corrections there have been since the start of the current bull market, but also how many surges there have been too. Importantly also see a number of the ongoing trends that continue to support gold and what to do in the current flat gold price environment… We’re Ready to Profit in […]

US Government Is Unaffordable and Unsustainable, Says David Walker

Even though this podcast is a discussion of the USA not New Zealand, it is always worth paying attention to where the US is headed. Given they have the global reserve currency, what goes on in the US of A will always have a bearing on what happens here at the bottom of the world too… […]

Debt: Still Cheap, and Getting Looser


Doug French, who also features regularly in Laissez Faire Club, takes a look at the comeback of debt. (Actually did it ever really go away?) In this piece he looks at sovereign debt, corporate debt and even the return of subprime mortgage debt. Scarily, across the globe we look to be repeating, to some degree […]

The Federal Reserve Relies on a Flawed Economic Model


In case you had any doubt as to the effects of “quantitative easing” and the existence of the Fed itself, the following has “quantitative analysis” showing exactly what the impacts have been… The Federal Reserve Relies on a Flawed Economic Model By Lacy H. Hunt, Ph.D., Economist In May 22 testimony to the Joint Economic […]