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Doug Casey: “America Has Ceased to Exist”

Doug Casey: “America Has Ceased to Exist” By Doug Casey, Chairman “America is a marvelous idea, a unique idea, fantastic idea. I’m extremely pro-American. But America has ceased to exist,” says Doug Casey. Watch him in this fascinating interview with Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie discuss the political, social, and economic challenges the US must conquer as well […]

Meltdown America – Are You Prepared For the Coming Collapse?

This documentary features an interesting mix of people being interviewed. Not just the usual economists and hard money experts, but real people that have lived through monetary troubles in a number of different countries. Well worth a watch we reckon… Meltdown America – Are You Prepared For the Coming Collapse? By Casey Research “I think […]

Doug Casey’s Coming Super-Bubble

See why Doug Casey thinks truly explosive gains for junior mining stocks are not just possible, but probable in the not too distant future… Doug Casey’s Coming Super-Bubble By Louis James, Chief Metals & Mining Investment Strategist In many of my conversations with legendary speculator Doug Casey since the crash of 2008, Doug has talked […]

Doug Casey’s 9 Secrets for Successful Speculation

This article doesn’t deal strictly with gold. Although it does touch on gold and gold stocks in passing. However it looks more at our psychological perspective on money, making money and even on those who make a lot of money, so is worth a read we reckon. Plus there are the 9 secrets on to […]

Doug Casey: “There’s going to be a bubble in gold stocks”

Doug Casey: “There’s going to be a bubble in gold stocks” By Doug Casey The following video is an excerpt from “Upturn Millionaires—How to Play the Turning Tides in the Precious Metals Market.” In it, natural-resource legends Doug Casey and Rick Rule discuss the deeply undervalued junior mining sector and the rare opportunity for spectacular […]

23 Reasons to Be Bullish on Gold

With so much negativity surrounding gold and silver currently it’s useful to hear the other side of the argument. Here’s some very big reasons as to why precious metals will still shine again before too long… 23 Reasons to Be Bullish on Gold By Laurynas Vegys, Research Analyst It’s been one of the worst years for gold […]

Born Libertarian: Doug Casey on Ron Paul and the Price of Freedom


The USA and much of the world may be going in the wrong direction, but born Libertarians Dr. Ron Paul and Casey Research founder Doug Casey are enjoying the power of sowing dissention by spreading ideas. Here’s an interview that features a number of these ideas… Born Libertarian: Doug Casey on Ron Paul and the […]

The Situation Is Hopeless, But Not Serious

Hopeless but not serious

Here’s a report from the recent Casey Research Summit summarising what the many well known speakers had to say… “The Situation Is Hopeless, But Not Serious” By Shannara Johnson, Chief Editor “After listening to some of this morning’s speakers, I made sure to program the number of the suicide hotline into my cell phone,” real […]

Doug Casey: 3 Stocks to Own When Gold Recovers


Gold mining stocks or shares have certainly taken a beating in the past 2 years. Not so great if you’ve been a holder of them over this time. However it means there is a lot of upside potential for those who are interested in taking a position now. And master speculator Doug Casey is thinking […]

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