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Gold Stocks Portfolio Fuel

Big money flows into gold from Western Institutional investors are what continue to be the main drivers of the paper derived gold price. While Chinese and Indian demand is great, it is these western buyers that affect the global pricing due to the current structure of the global gold market. Stewart Thomson discusses how this […]

7 Questions Gold Bears Must Answer

7 Questions Gold Bears Must Answer

With Gold having been headed lower for over 3 years now, the mood towards gold is pretty negative to say the least. However in this article you’ll learn seven surprisingly bullish signs that exist for gold today… 7 Questions Gold Bears Must Answer By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst A glance at any gold […]

Paper Gold Ain’t as Good as the Real Thing

This article is a timely follow on to our piece from earlier in the week Why Has the Gold Price Been Falling? It covers some similar ground in terms of looking at the gold derivatives markets, but also touches on Bitcoin and has an alternative viewpoint in terms of what will drive the price of gold higher, and it’s […]

Now Is the Time to Buy Gold

As we’ve mentioned before, a presentation here in Auckland by Bud Conrad, Casey Research’s chief economist, was where we first met and where the idea of goldsurvivalguide.co.nz was first born. So partly for this reason we always pay attention to what Bud has to say. However more importantly he always gives a logical and analytical […]

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