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The Fourth Turning and Gold: What’s Still to Come in This Crisis?

The CoronaVirus and ongoing polarisation in America has brought a book from 1997 back into focus. The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy was written by Neil Howe and William Strauss. It is a study of generational cycles in the USA. It reveals predictable social trends that repeat throughout history. With the culmination in a transformational […]

How Much Might Gold Fall in the Next Crash?

How Much Might Gold Fall in the Next Crash?

Here’s something you might have wondered about as well… How much might gold fall during the next crash? A question recently from a reader Brett was: “What might you imagine the % drop in the gold price might be after the next crash?” Why Does Gold Fall During a Stock Market Crash? Firstly though, why […]

NZers: Do You Hold Cash or Gold in the Coming [or Already Here?] Crisis?

NZers: Do You Hold Cash or Gold in the Coming Crisis?

Here’s some thoughts on the debate between holding cash or gold in an economic crisis. We look to be in the early stages of the crisis written about in 2015 right now… In our article last week titled, What Will the Impacts of the COVID19 Lockdown be on the Global and New Zealand Economy?, we […]

Bank Capital Changes: What is the RBNZ Preparing For?

Bank Capital Changes: What is the RBNZ Preparing For?

The New Zealand central bank is requiring New Zealand Banks to increase the amount of capital they hold. Why would they want to do this? Does the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) see some troubles looming on the horizon? Read on to find out… IMF’s Dire Warning on Global Economy In the Herald in […]

Should I Buy Gold Today or Wait? 6 Factors to Consider


Here’s an excellent question from a reader which we received a few years ago. It’s about whether to buy gold today or wait. Even though he asks whether the “powers that be” will let the stock market crash while Obama is in power, it’s still relevant today. Why? Because it shows the things we think might […]

Bank Failure | Could it Happen in NZ? | The Reserve Bank Thinks So

Could a Bank Failure happen in NZ

Back in 2011 we were reading a Zero Hedge article with the rather long headline: “Futures Plunge As Fed Discloses New Stress Test: Fears US Banks Will Need To Raise Tens Of Billions In New Capital”. This article outlined how the US Federal Reserve was intending to stress test 6 large US banks against a […]

History Says Gold Performs Well Before, During and After a Financial Crisis

Prices and Charts Looking to sell your gold and silver? Visit this page for more information Buying Back 1oz NZ Gold 9999 Purity $1859 Buying Back 1kg NZ Silver 999 Purity $687 Gold Bouncing Back This Week NZD gold has jumped quite sharply this past week. Up over 1 percent. It is now sitting not too far below the February (and multiyear) […]

NZ “Boltholes”to Escape a Financial Volcanic Eruption. Plus Bonds vs Gold

As we mentioned last week Dan Denning of the Bill Bonner Letter is on a scouting trip to New Zealand. Reporting back to their (mainly American) readership on the benefits of a “bolthole” down under. We thought it worth sharing Dan’s report on his trip to the beaches north of Auckland – an area we […]

Michael Pento on the Yield Curve, Recession and Why This Time is Not Different

Yield Curve, Recession and Why This Time is Not Different In this very good interview with Micheal Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies, Pento explains why the yield curve is not dropping simply due to low European bond interest rates. He also talks about: The real reason the yield curve is inverting What an inverted yield […]

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki Warns Australia of ‘Biggest Crash in History’: Should You Listen?

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, this week sounded a warning to Australia to be prepared for the “biggest crash in world history”. “Unfortunately we had a big crash in 2000, they called it the dotcom crash, then in 2008 it was the subprime real estate crash. The next is going to be the […]