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Michael Pento on the Yield Curve, Recession and Why This Time is Not Different

Yield Curve, Recession and Why This Time is Not Different In this very good interview with Micheal Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies, Pento explains why the yield curve is not dropping simply due to low European bond interest rates. He also talks about: The real reason the yield curve is inverting What an inverted yield […]

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki Warns Australia of ‘Biggest Crash in History’: Should You Listen?

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, this week sounded a warning to Australia to be prepared for the “biggest crash in world history”. “Unfortunately we had a big crash in 2000, they called it the dotcom crash, then in 2008 it was the subprime real estate crash. The next is going to be the […]

NZX50 Near Highs But This Indicator Says the NZ Economy is Slowing Sharply

NZX50 Near Highs But This Indicator Says the NZ Economy is Slowing Sharply

The New Zealand share market index, the NZX50 reached a new all time high earlier this month of 9084.04. Today the index is only just down from all time highs at 8953. So surely this is an indicator of a robust economy? And given share markets are meant to be forward thinking, a sign that […]

The 5 Biggest Market Risks That Billionaires are Hedging Against

The 5 Biggest Market Risks That Billionaires are Hedging Against

If you’ve studied the history of markets, you know that sentiment can turn on a dime. Whether it is an unexpected wake-up call like the collapse of Lehman Brothers, or simply the popping of a bubble that’s blown too big, the tides can shift in a matter of hours or days. No one knows this […]

Coming Soon, The Worst Crash Of Our Lifetime

We first met Darryl Schoon  a couple of years after the gathering he mentions below in 2007 – he is a passionate and enthusiastic guy! It has been 10 years since the beginnings of the financial crisis that he witnessed back then. He – and others – argue that we are due for Part 2 […]

Change… Whether You Want It or Not

We always enjoy Bill Bonner’s dry wit and writing style. As he often says he’s had his “crash alert” flag flying for some time. Here’s his thoughts on “The Donald” and what will likely be coming regardless of anything he – or the US Central Bank – does… Change… Whether You Want It or Not […]

The U.S. Economy Is About to Face Its Biggest Test in Years

There is constantly plenty of talk of housing bubbles and housing shortages here in New Zealand. However one place where prices have been shooting even higher of late is Canada. See why Canadian house prices could be what really puts the US economy “under the microscope” before too long… The U.S. Economy Is About to […]

When Might the Government Pillaging End?

When the present debt bubble eventually pops, could governments lose the economic power to continue their advance against economic freedom? The following looks at what we could expect next. Could governments shrink? Will the deep state collapse or grow stronger to protect itself? Read on… When Might the Pillaging End? By Jeff Thomas Recently, I […]

Silver Versus the World (and Exter’s Inverted Liquidity Pyramid)

What is the value of all the silver in the world versus other assets? Chris Duane demonstrates this using a fantastic infographic. You’ll learn about Exter’s Inverted liquidity pyramid and why he believes silver should be at the very bottom of this pyramid. To begin with here is a quick summary of Exter’s Inverted Liquidity […]

Where Do You Go in a Hurricane?

This article compares preparing for a financial storm with preparing for an actual hurricane of various strengths. It ranks where different countries – from USA, Europe to Australia and NZ – might sit on the financial hurricane spectrum and what life might be like there when a financial storm of various magnitudes hits. Read on […]

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