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Gold & Silver: Accumulators Buy Now

Stewart Thomson believes the current weakness in gold and silver is to be expected given that we are between US Federal Reserve rate hikes. Check out why he believes that gold and especially silver are currently in very good “accumulation zones” for buyers of both metals…   Gold & Silver: Accumulators Buy Now May 2, […]

Ronni Stoeferle: Retail Bullion Demand is Collapsing – What About in New Zealand?

See how retail gold investors have been behaving quite differently to big money investors. Discover how this compares to what’s happening in the New Zealand bullion market. Plus what the current headwinds and tailwinds for gold are. It’s been awhile since we shared any thoughts from the excellent Ronni Stoeferle of Incrementum and the In […]

A Global Money Printing Competition

Despite rising steadily since the start of the year, the sentiment towards gold and silver still seems not particularly positive. Despite the price looking like it bottomed out in December, rising but still being comparatively low to much of 2016, we are seeing very little buying of either metal currently. Below Stewart Thomson explains why […]

2017 Update on Gold, Silver and the War on Cash

JS Kim outlines how the war on cash has nothing to do with clamping down on criminals or corruption. He also explains how banker actions in 2016 demonstrate they have been buying physical gold and silver, while trying to scare the average global citizen from doing the same…   2017 Update on Gold, Silver and […]

The Single Most Important Buy Signal for Gold Stocks

The indicator discussed in this article has a two fold use. We use it to determine when is the better time to buy silver versus gold. But as explained below it also has the added benefit if you are interested in investing in gold mining shares, of identifying high upside entry times for them too… […]

Presentation – Gold & Silver: Wealth Insurance with Upside

Earlier this week we returned the favour to Forex Trading Coach Andrew Mitchem and made a webinar presentation for his clients. (If you missed the webinar Andrew did for our clients you can still see the link to it here: Forex Trading – How You Can Benefit). The topic of our presentation to his clients […]

Janet And Gold: Does History Rhyme?

We’ve got another helping of Stewart Thomson this week. Apart from his usual comments on the gold, silver and mining index charts, he also has a look at the action in the US Treasury Bond market. He’s not the only one to notice some action there. Is it significant though? See what he reckons… Janet […]

Gold and Silver ChartFest – Update for 2016

See a comparison between August 2015 and July 2016 of: (Note: For a 2018 update of these charts see: Gold Ratios Update: Dow/Gold, NZ Housing to Gold, & Gold/Silver Ratio). Earlier today we posted a summary of a video that looked at the large moves in silver over the past week. And in particular the […]

In Gold We Trust 2016 – Out Now!

Last week Ronni Stoeferle and his partner at Incrementum Mark Valek released their “In Gold We Trust 2016” Report. We look forward to this report every year and set aside some time to digest it. If you were lucky you may have had the chance to meet Ronni back in 2013 when he made a […]

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