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The Sun Rises on the Precious Metals Sector

In New Zealand Dollar terms gold and silver clearly bottomed out well over a year ago. However in US Dollar terms this hasn’t been so clear cut. Here’s a bunch of charts that show even the US Dollar prices of gold and silver now indicate a major bull market is brewing in both metals. The […]

Silver Short-Squeeze Potential

Silver Short-Squeeze Potential

Last week we discussed the short covering going on in the silver futures market  and the possibility for a short squeeze developing in silver. The latest Commitment of Traders report data has given more support for this development. Adam Hamilton digs into the increased likelihood of a short squeeze developing due to what has transpired in […]

How You Can Make an Absolute Fortune in the Turbulent Years Ahead

This is a profession open to all. No formal education, credentials, or licenses are required in order to make money as a speculator. But you need to have an understanding of cycles. Here’s how to do it… How You Can Make an Absolute Fortune in the Turbulent Years Ahead By Louis James True story: when […]

Gold & Silver: Accumulators Buy Now

Stewart Thomson believes the current weakness in gold and silver is to be expected given that we are between US Federal Reserve rate hikes. Check out why he believes that gold and especially silver are currently in very good “accumulation zones” for buyers of both metals…   Gold & Silver: Accumulators Buy Now May 2, […]

Debt Endgame And Gold Bull Era

A very bullish Stewart Thomson discusses the impacts of Indian demand, a looming US government debt crisis, and how inflation is set to surprise to the upside. And how these factors are all combining to boost gold and silver higher currently and into the future too…  Debt Endgame And Gold Bull Era Graceland Updates By […]

A Global Money Printing Competition

Despite rising steadily since the start of the year, the sentiment towards gold and silver still seems not particularly positive. Despite the price looking like it bottomed out in December, rising but still being comparatively low to much of 2016, we are seeing very little buying of either metal currently. Below Stewart Thomson explains why […]

How You Could Have Beat the Market Nearly 7-to-1 Last Year

We’ve recently commented on the quiet rise in inflation rates here in New Zealand: Inflation Rates Edging Higher – Impact? See how this is happening globally and surprising people. Plus what the concern is in the future if the increases continue…. How You Could Have Beat the Market Nearly 7-to-1 Last Year By Justin Spittler […]

Why Gold Will Jump at Least 7% After Election Day

In our subscriber only email newsletter last week we said: “So to us the odds of another Brexit-like surprise outcome seem to be much closer than most would expect. If Trump wins we will likely see a jump in volatility in the sharemarket. That is already happening after the FBI investigation announcement.  If gold’s correction has […]

A Perfect Storm Has Formed in the Gold Market

Gold mining stocks (or shares as we call them here in New Zealand) have made some big gains this year. But their recent correction looks to have scared many people off. However there are a number of reasons to believe that we are likely still in the early stages of an ongoing up cycle in […]

The Single Most Important Buy Signal for Gold Stocks

The indicator discussed in this article has a two fold use. We use it to determine when is the better time to buy silver versus gold. But as explained below it also has the added benefit if you are interested in investing in gold mining shares, of identifying high upside entry times for them too… […]

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