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The Last Time This Happened, Gold Tripled…Here’s How to Profit

If you’ve read Ronald Stoerferle’s In Gold We Trust report you’ll know they believe the most likely outcome is that of stagflation (see the report here: In Gold We Trust 2016). The following takes a similar position and outlines why we could well see something of a repeat of the 1970’s… Weekend Edition: The Last Time […]

Janet, Government, And The Woodshed

Interest rates have had our attention lately. We’ve been keeping an eye on the rising US Treasury long bond rate. Earlier this week we also posted an article that looked at the recent move higher in LIBOR. In this piece Stewart Thomson has an interesting theory that it will be rising interest rates that really […]

Why Gold Stocks Perform Better Than Gold

We wouldn’t agree with everything in the following article. Gold stocks certainly do have more risk than physical gold in your possession. As we noted in our recent webinar the key point with gold and silver is they don’t have counter-party risk. See below for that webinar: Presentation – Gold & Silver: Wealth Insurance with […]

Fed Is Destroying Currency & Capital

Daniela Cambone of Kitco News interviews Doug Casey of Casey Research at the Total Wealth Symposium in Bermuda. Longtime Fed critic Doug Casey (correctly as it now happens) didn’t expect the U.S. central bank to raise interest rates today, and says their efforts are actually hurting the economy. They also discuss Trumps chances in the […]

Janet And Gold: Does History Rhyme?

We’ve got another helping of Stewart Thomson this week. Apart from his usual comments on the gold, silver and mining index charts, he also has a look at the action in the US Treasury Bond market. He’s not the only one to notice some action there. Is it significant though? See what he reckons… Janet […]

Gold Market Update: “Going Off the Rails”

There is an argument to be made that technical analysis is pointless in these times, where even the most important financial indicator, the “cost” of money (a.k.a. the interest rate) is manipulated. We are sympathetic to this view. However there are still large volumes of money that are invested by following trends. So there is […]

Gold And Silver: Good Times Are Here

Stewart Thomson was on the ball with his recent call that gold could likely find a bottom following the latest US jobs numbers announcement. That is exactly what happened with gold bouncing higher from just above US$1300 last week. So let’s check back in on what his latest thoughts are. He has some interesting thoughts on […]

How You Can Make 49% on a Gold Stock in Just One Day

We see physical gold and silver as “financial insurance” rather than as investments. Our theory is to remove some of your wealth from assets that have counterparty risk and place this into physical gold and silver. But if you’re looking for a gold and silver “investment”, then gold and silver miners offer some significant upside […]

Gold: All Eyes On Jackson Hole

Today the price of gold in US Dollars is not that far above the level of US$1310 that Stewart Thomson identifies as a possible low before a further move higher for gold. The drop in price overnight was seemingly caused by a massive $1.5 Billion sale of gold futures at a low volume time of […]

After 100%+ Gains, Is It Too Late to Buy Gold Stocks?

Here’s a historical comparison that shows even after large gains there can still be much more to come in gold mining shares… After 100%+ Gains, Is It Too Late to Buy Gold Stocks? By Justin Spittler Editor’s note: Yesterday, we told you that there are huge money-making opportunities in the gold market that are staring […]