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Don’t Buy Another Gold Stock Until You Read This

A seventh big name investor recently began singing the praises of gold. Read on to see why and how to follow his lead. Plus a chance to learn how to select gold stocks that may seriously outperform gold itself… Don’t Buy Another Gold Stock Until You Read This By Justin Spittler Today is a very special […]

A Stagflationary Firestorm Approaches

Stewart Thomson sounds pretty bullish on gold but for contrarian reasons to many others. He is warning that the risk ahead might not be that of systemic collapse but rather that of stagflation. That is when prices rise but the economy remains sluggish. Because of this he also has some thoughts on silver worth contemplating… […]

Gold and Silver ChartFest – Update for 2016

See a comparison between August 2015 and July 2016 of: (Note: For a 2018 update of these charts see: Gold Ratios Update: Dow/Gold, NZ Housing to Gold, & Gold/Silver Ratio). Earlier today we posted a summary of a video that looked at the large moves in silver over the past week. And in particular the […]

In Gold We Trust 2016 – Out Now!

Last week Ronni Stoeferle and his partner at Incrementum Mark Valek released their “In Gold We Trust 2016” Report. We look forward to this report every year and set aside some time to digest it. If you were lucky you may have had the chance to meet Ronni back in 2013 when he made a […]

The Bear Market in Commodities Is Over…Here’s How to Cash In

It does indeed appear that commodities have turned the corner and may have bottomed out recently. However given the state of the world it makes sense to consider which commodities are likely to perform better regardless of the state of the global economy. Read on to learn more… The Bear Market in Commodities Is Over…Here’s […]

Lessons for the Average Gold Investor From a Very Different Gold “Miner”

It is a very different read from most annual reports. Of course there are the usual numbers with revenues and profits, resources and reserves. But what is different about this annual report is that there is a lot to learn from it even for people with no interest in buying shares in this particular mining […]

A Precious Metals Correction Must Come Now? Mustn’t It?

Gold and silver have both moved sharply higher this year. So many people are thinking “we must see a decent sized precious metals correction now after such a big move higher”. Surely this makes sense right? Well, we have a few thoughts on why it just might not be as clear cut as this… Gold […]

Gold’s Relentless Rally Accelerates

We’ve been commenting lately that gold (and now more recently silver) seems to be surprising many people by continuing to rise, with very little in the way of pull back. We thought this recent post by Stewart Thomson was worth sharing as he covers a number of factors that are occurring in the precious metals […]

Our Key Advice on Buying Gold Stocks

With both gold and silver up again this morning, mining stocks or shares have again jumped sharply higher today. So here’s part 2 on how to maximise your profits in gold mining stocks. (If you missed it here is the link to Part 1: How to Find Small Gold Stocks That Can Go up 1,000%). […]

How to Find Small Gold Stocks That Can Go up 1,000%

How to Find Small Gold Stocks That Can Go up 1,000%

Gold and silver have bounced back higher the past couple of days, but are still not back to recent highs yet. However mining stocks have actually hit new 52 week highs. Something that has not been noticed by too many. See the chart below of gold (gold) versus the GDX gold mining index  (black/red). It seems like […]