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Gold Stock Write-Downs: Death Sentence or Opportunity?


The plummeting gold price in April to June of this year had a dramatic impact on all gold producing companies. Here’s some thoughts on what the impact of these write downs may be, including what will happen to them if the gold price goes back up again and whether you should sell your shares in […]

Peak Gold


See if we may have seen peak gold in terms of mine production and if so what this could mean for how miners operate in the current difficult gold environment… Peak Gold By Andrey Dashkov, Research Analyst   In the mining business, it is said that grade is king. A high-grade project attracts attention and money. […]

Casey’s Louis James Warns: “Don’t Try to Time the Market”


Gold and silver mining shares have been tearing northwards over the past couple of weeks. And after the massive fall they have all had in the past year or two they have plenty of ground to make up! In this interview Louis James offers some insight into a number of off the beaten track locations he […]

How to Make or Lose a Fortune in Junior Exploration Stocks

You may have noticed that with the price of gold rising, junior gold mining stocks having risen dramatically in the past month or so.  Some are up as much as 100% in that time!  If you’ve been thinking of dipping your toes in this sector then read on for some great thoughts as to how […]

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