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How Do You Value Gold | What Price Could Gold Reach? Updated 2021

How Do You Value Gold | What Price Could Gold Reach?

We recently posted an article that covered various opinions on what the price of gold may reach in the next year and the next 5 years. See: Gold Price Forecast: What Experts Predict. A reader has also asked “What will the future resale value of gold be?” Or rather what they were really getting at, […]

If/When the US Dollar Collapses, What Will Gold be Priced in?

If/When the US Dollar Collapses, What Will Gold be Priced in?

In August we reported that the global share of US-dollar-denominated exchange reserves dropped to 59.0% in the fourth quarter of 2020. This was the 5th straight year of falls and matched the 25-year low of 1995. As a result more people are thinking about a potential collapse of the US dollar. We recently had someone […]

Does Gold Seasonality Affect the NZ Dollar Gold Price?

Does Gold Seasonality Affect the NZ Dollar Gold Price_ (1)

If you’ve been around the gold sector for a little while you’ve no doubt come across talk of “gold seasonality”. What is Gold Seasonality? Gold seasonality generally refers to the northern hemisphere mid summer lull in precious metals markets. A lull which often seems to match the share market lull at this time of year. […]

Flash Crash in Silver & a Tale of Two Gold Markets

6 July (overnight Friday NZ time) saw some crazy action in silver prices. In a “flash crash” the silver price plummeted from just above $16 all the way down to the low $14’s in just one minute before bouncing back almost as fast and recouping the majority of the fall. Ronan Manly reported on what […]

Get Ready for the Biggest Gold Move in Years

Here’s three reasons why gold (in US Dollars) may keep on rallying and eventually break out of the multiyear downtrend it has been in.  (In New Zealand Dollar terms gold already broke out of the downtrend in early 2016. So a breakout in USD gold will likely also boost the NZ gold price as well.)… […]

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy’s Anarcapulco Presentation: GATA and the Gold and Silver Markets

The team at GATA have fought tirelessly to expose the manipulation in the gold and silver markets for over 17 years. Lately it seems their efforts may finally be gaining some vindication. In this presentation by their Chairman Bill Murphy, you’ll get an overview of what GATA has done over that long period of time. […]

This Important Chart Shows Why Gold Could Hit $6,000 by 2019

Gold might be up overall quite a margin since the early 2000’s. However it’s important to get some perspective from previous moves higher to see where gold could head to yet… Weekend Edition: This Important Chart Shows Why Gold Could Hit $6,000 by 2019 By Justin Spittler Editor’s note: Today, we have another important essay […]

Gold Price Going Where? – Mike Maloney at the Silver Summit

The Silver Summit was in San Francisco 2 weeks ago and Mike Maloney gave a 1 hour presentation (see further down the page). He was also on a Q&A panel and was asked the question “Where is gold going in the near term?” There is a short 5 minute video below with his answer. He actually […]

Janet, Government, And The Woodshed

Interest rates have had our attention lately. We’ve been keeping an eye on the rising US Treasury long bond rate. Earlier this week we also posted an article that looked at the recent move higher in LIBOR. In this piece Stewart Thomson has an interesting theory that it will be rising interest rates that really […]

Why Gold Stocks Perform Better Than Gold

We wouldn’t agree with everything in the following article. Gold stocks certainly do have more risk than physical gold in your possession. As we noted in our recent webinar the key point with gold and silver is they don’t have counter-party risk. See below for that webinar: Presentation – Gold & Silver: Wealth Insurance with […]