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Should I Buy Gold or Silver in 2020? 7 Factors to Consider in Gold vs Silver

Should I Buy Gold or Silver_ 7 Factors to Consider

After you’ve decided to buy precious metals, the question now on your mind is “Should I buy gold or silver?” Which metal is a better choice for you? Many of the reasons to buy gold or reasons to buy silver are very much the same. However there are also some significant differences between gold and silver. In this article […]

Buying a Home Safe for Gold Silver Storage

There are many gold silver storage options available. From private vaulting and storage companies to “midnight gardening”. We go through the main ones in module 7 of our free Gold Ecourse: Module 7 of 8 – How and where to store it A home safe is one storage option for precious metals and one that definitely […]

Storing Precious Metals: Will Gold & Silver Survive a House Fire?

An interesting question from a reader this week on storing precious metals: “Will gold survive a house fire?” This is far from a clear cut yes or no answer and depends upon other factors like how and where the gold is stored in the house.   First a couple of facts about storing gold and […]

10 Inventive Hiding Places To Store Your Gold, Silver & Valuables

A common question amongst gold and silver buyers is how to keep them safe once you own them? We reckon if you buy gold or silver as “financial insurance” you should take delivery of it personally.   So where do you store gold and silver to keep it safe? First up you could consider a […]