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Why New Zealand Won’t Have Any Say in a Global Currency Reset

Why New Zealand Won’t Have Any Say in a Global Currency Reset

Lately we’ve discussed the possibility or maybe we should say the inevitability of a change in the global monetary system. Perhaps in the form of a currency reset. Here’s more on how that might play out. If the US Dollar Was Again Linked to Gold, How Would This Affect New Zealand? Does a Gold Revaluation […]

Why Buy Gold? Here’s 15 Reasons to Buy Gold Now

“Everything looks pretty good in the world at the moment. Property and share prices have gone up a lot. Why buy gold now?” That’s one of the common responses we get when we mention we are involved in selling gold and silver bullion. Unlike a number of years ago the average guy or girl in […]

The Next Great Bull Market in Gold Has Begun

This latest article from Jim Rickards lays out his expected chronology for the next great bull market in gold. Very interestingly his timeline is not dissimilar to one we wrote about recently in Gold Cycles vs Property Cycles: When Will Gold Reach Peak Valuation?  He looks at the somewhat counterintuitive relationship between interest rate increases and gold […]

The Gold Worm on the Yuan Hook

Hugo Salinas Price has some more thoughts on the wider implications if China really does start an oil futures contract that is convertible to gold. He believes that oil sellers won’t be the only ones interested. Because as the gold price rises from increased demand in the oil trade, other sellers of commodities will likely also want […]

Yahoo Hacking Highlights Cyber Risk and Increasing Importance of Physical Gold

Did you hear about the recent massive hack of the US credit checking agency Equifax that exposed half of the US population? It is just one of the many online breaches in recent years (see the list below). With today’s ever increasing technological advances, comes ever increasing risks of cybercrime. Of perhaps even more concern […]

Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Reduction: What Impact Will it Have?

Last week the US Federal Reserve announced that it will finally begin shrinking its $4.5 trillion balance sheet. So what impact will the Federal Reserve balance sheet reduction have? We’ve taken note of a few opinions lately and have collated them below for you.   What is the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet and How Did […]

China Begins To Reset The World’s Reserve Currency System

Some interesting news broke this week concerning the latest developments in the dethroning of the US dollar as in the world’s reserve currency system. Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics comments on the news from Nikkei Asian Review that China is preparing to release a yuan-denominated oil futures contract that is convertible (backed by) physical gold. […]

Gold Stocks Portfolio Fuel

Big money flows into gold from Western Institutional investors are what continue to be the main drivers of the paper derived gold price. While Chinese and Indian demand is great, it is these western buyers that affect the global pricing due to the current structure of the global gold market. Stewart Thomson discusses how this […]

How to Create Your Personal Gold Standard

Many times in the past we’ve discussed the concept of becoming you own central bank or going on your own personal gold standard. Today Jim Rickards discusses this idea in depth. He shows you how to go on your own personal gold standard, even if the world never returns to one. Given the New Zealand Central […]

Gold Stocks: Good Times Are Near

Stewart Thomson outlines why he believes gold is consolidating before its next move higher above the key US$1300 level. And how this will likely be what finally gets gold mining stocks (shares) moving higher…   Gold Stocks: Good Times Are Near Graceland Updates By Stewart Thomson   After rallying almost $100 an ounce from the […]

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