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How to Create Your Personal Gold Standard

Many times in the past we’ve discussed the concept of becoming you own central bank or going on your own personal gold standard. Today Jim Rickards discusses this idea in depth. He shows you how to go on your own personal gold standard, even if the world never returns to one. Given the New Zealand Central […]

Gold Stocks: Good Times Are Near

Stewart Thomson outlines why he believes gold is consolidating before its next move higher above the key US$1300 level. And how this will likely be what finally gets gold mining stocks (shares) moving higher… Gold Stocks: Good Times Are Near Graceland Updates By Stewart Thomson After rallying almost $100 an ounce from the July lows […]

The Dollar and the Oil Market May be About to Change Forever

The Quarterly Incrementum Advisory Board discussions are always a good read. Ronni Stoeferle and his team at Wealth Management firm Incrementum AG provide plenty of insight into gold and the global economy and monetary system. The most recent notes are just out and here’s what each member of the board discussed: Luke Gromen: ► The […]

Gold Stocks Meet Mr. America

See why Trump’s nomination to be added to the US Federal Reserve board is likely to increase the velocity of money in the USA (and therefore globally), and why this will likely have a significant impact on gold and even more so on gold mining stocks…   Gold Stocks Meet Mr. America By Stewart Thomson […]

Visa Ups the War on Cash + How Governments Can Kill Cash

Visa Ups the War on Cash Following on from last weeks report on the expanding war on cash down under, the latest news is that credit card processor Visa and other payment networks want to abolish cash and cheques that compete with their credit and debit cards. In the USA, the card companies are offering thousands […]

Gold and the Blockchain: Gold and Cryptocurrencies Can Co-Exist

Here’s some interesting thoughts on gold and the rise of cryptocurrencies, somewhat surprisingly care of the World Gold Council.  Ever since BitCoin was invented, comparisons have been drawn with gold, often to gold’s detriment. Charles Morris, chief investment officer at Newscape Group and editor of AtlasPulse.com argues that BitCoin and gold can happily co-exist, while technological advances will ultimately work to gold’s benefit… […]

Owning Gold Is the First Step to “Freedom Insurance”

This article fits in nicely with our view on gold (and silver). We say they are “financial insurance“. This piece expands this concept into why they are also “freedom insurance” and how they can lessen your risk from “big government”… Owning Gold Is the First Step to “Freedom Insurance” By Nick Giambruno Justin’s note: As […]

The Golden Revolution, Revisited: Chapter 5

We had the pleasure of hearing John Butler speak here in Auckland a few years ago (you can check out what he had to say on that day here).  To follow is the sixth in the serial publication of the new, revisited edition of John’s book, The Golden Revolution (John Wiley and Sons, 2012). (The […]

Why Gold Goes Up

Here’s a bit of philosophising on gold from the deep thinking, dry witted and entertaining Bill Bonner… Why Gold Goes Up By Bill Bonner – originally posted at BonnerandPartners.com DUBLIN – Gold dropped sharply [last week]. The yellow metal fell about 1% to as low as $1,236. A “fat finger” was blamed, meaning it was […]

Doug Casey on Nuclear War With North Korea

Plenty of sabre rattling has been heard between the USA and North Korea in recent months. Who knows what capabilities the secretive state that is North Korea has or doesn’t have? This article outlines why the USA is likely looking at the North Korean threat from completely the wrong angle. Plus what the ramifications could […]

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